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The institution has adequate facilities for teaching – learning. viz., classrooms, laboratories, computing equipment, etc. Describe the adequacy of facilities for teaching –learning as per the minimum specified requirement by statutory bodies within a maximum of 500 words (File Description: Upload any additional information, Paste link for additional information)

Centurion University has extensive and well planned campuses [Link Jatni( Click_Here ), Link PKD] with XX% of the land area dedicated to green spaces. It has has robust infrastructure in terms of quality and capacity to ensure that each student has access to the relevant facilities and a conducive environment for realizing the planned learning outcomes.

Centurion University’s facilities are 100% compliant with all the statutory requirements for the courses it offers based on the current student strengths of [IIQA No.]. Please refer the table below:

Facility Statutory Requirement Current Capacity at University Remarks
Classrooms 99 Including Smart Classrooms (25%)
Laboratories 69 Course/Subject Specific and Multidisciplinary
Computing Equipment 1000+ Includes: PCs, Laptops and Tablets
Seminar Hall & Auditorium 9 Includes Auditorium

Beside the above, University has invested continuously over the past 5 years+ to not just add capacity but add capabilities that ensure effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. These investments are in the following areas:

  1. Modernization of classrooms to make 25% of classrooms to be “Smart” (including smart boards, projector, WiFi access and immersive tech equipment) ( Click_Here ) This ensures a collaborative environment and ensure participative/engaged learning.
  2. Multi-disciplinary High-Performance Computing Lab in collaboration with Dassault Systemes covering digital design, simulation, AR/VR and gaming related domains (Dassault Systemes 3DS andUnity platforms). This lab is used by various disciplines such as Engineering and Applied Sciences [ Click_Here ]
  3. Best in class laboratories (subject specific as well as multi-disciplinary) [ Click_Here ]
  4. Production class Experiential learning and Skilling labs covering 5 axis CNC machining [ Click_Here ], apparel manufacturing [ Click_Here ], wood engineering [ Click_Here ], transformer manufacturing [ Click_Here ], waste to wealth [ Click_Here ], instructional farms and IoT enabled polyhouses [ Click_Here ]
  5. Equipment such as multi-purpose drones [model no. and link- Click_Here ]
  6. 90% of information systems hosted on the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Further we have invested in 1 Gbps internet ‘pipe’ from Power Grid Corporation of India. This give us the ability to flexibility scale the required infrastructure such as server space, bandwidth required and new instances for specific applications such as virtual rooms and labs. [link]
  7. Fully operational content creation team and infrastructure (high end cameras, high end PCs with software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Doodly) that is fully equipped to support the faculty in creation and updating of course content [link + screenshot]
  8. Laptops, tablets & smartphones (as required by the faculty) are available to all the relevant faculty, mentors and administrative staff [Link]
  9. Best in class Student Information Management, Institutional Excellence and Learning Management Software for seamless communication and analytics to give specific attention to students where required as well as faculty development.
  10. Subscription and access to self-learning platforms such as Coursera for world class content from global universities and HEIs. [, ]

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