The Career Guidance and Training cell at Centurion University is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students pursuing various career paths, whether it be in the private sector, government/public sector jobs, or higher studies. The cell employs a systematic and well-designed grooming process that begins with assessing students’ current competency levels and understanding their career goals during the orientation programme. This process allows for the tailoring of personalized development plans to help students effectively achieve their objectives. To ensure students are well-prepared for the selection processes employed by recruiters, the Training cell offers a comprehensive range of training sessions, including Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal, Technical, and Soft Skill areas. These sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who cater to the different requirements of the students. In addition to the in-person training, the Training cell has integrated an online platform called MyPerfectice. This platform allows students to engage in self-practice and undergo progressive assessments using AI-based analytics. The Performance Dashboard provided by the platform is accessible to both students and trainers, facilitating guidance and support for continuous improvement.

To enhance employability, the University mandates a 6-credit Job Readiness course, covering aptitude, reasoning, verbal syllabus, and communication skills. The target employability index is set at Level 4 in MyPerfectice ( Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal) and 6.5 Score in the Centurion English Language Testing System (CELTS). Students are encouraged to work towards achieving these scores through multiple semesters until they meet the desired standards.

The University has established collaborations with ClicksCampus, an online platform that provides information on public sector and government jobs, along with training materials for practice and self-assessment tests. External training partners are also engaged to provide specialized guidance and support to students.

For those interested in higher studies or pursuing research-oriented opportunities such as JRF/NET/GATE, the concerned department/school takes charge of organizing training programmes for identified students and offers guidance throughout the process.
Overall, the University’s Career Guidance and Training cell is committed to equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge, enabling them to succeed in their chosen career paths or further academic pursuits.

Career Guidance and Training Process

Soft Skill Training Process