What is Your Career Scope after a Medical Laboratory Technology Course in Bhubaneswar?

The Medical Technologist profession is witnessing a rise in demand, and as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated to have an 18% higher growth by the year 2024. This is a job where direct interaction with patients might not be a necessity, but the behind-the-scenes activity – such as the work of a Medical Technologist demand – is almost equally important as it benefits health in many ways. So what is the future career scope after passing a course in Medical Lab Technology in Bhubaneswar?


Radiology Technician:

You can work as a radiographer and helps radiologists during prolonged and complex radiological investigations. As an X-ray Technician, you might have to inject chemical mixtures during X-rays for some types of investigations. You need to place body parts properly under X-ray machines, but take care to shield them from direct exposure to X-rays. It is important to operate the machine properly, to get pictures of proper detail, contrast and density, and prepare the reports to be sent to the radiologist for examination and analysis.


Pathology Technician:

As a Pathology Technician, you can get work in pathology labs in hospitals and clinics in Bhubaneswar, as well as in pharmaceutical companies, urologist’s office, research labs and more. You need to be able to perform various types of pathological investigations, which include preparing of samples, collecting body fluids, analyzing tissue samples, preparing vaccines, blood grouping and simple blood count smear.


Optical Laboratory Technician:

You have to work with Opticians and Optometrists, and assist them as well as be involved in checking eye conditions, visual defects etc and determine which glasses can help correct vision problems. You need to make visual aids ready, offer vision therapy, prepare contact lenses etc after using special devices to test the eyes and prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses. Your job will demand that you prepare lenses according to the prescriptions of optometrists with the help of grinding methods, and make adjustments to eyeglasses to ensure a better fit.


Other than such careers, you can also find employment in the academic field. Those graduating with a B.Sc degree course in Clinical Laboratory Science can pursue a career in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. You can find 3 types of courses being offered by universities and colleges in Bhubaneswar in Medical Lab Technology, including Certificate Program for 1 year, Diploma Course for 2 years and Bachelor’s Degree for a period of 3 years. Bachelor’s Degree offers the most in-depth knowledge while others are short-term but more affordable programs.

What Explains the High Demand for B.Tech Courses in Electronics and Communication in Bhubaneswar?

Electronics and Communications are indispensable in everyday life, and include everything from mobile phones and PC to aircrafts and satellites. Electronics and Communication Engineering is a broad field of engineering which covers things like power electronics, consumer electronics, communication systems, digital electronics, embedded systems and analog electronics. Know about the main reasons for the popularity of B.Tech courses in this engineering field.

High demand for jobs:

Electronic devices are playing a big role in almost every aspect of life these days, including communication – such as mobile devices, computers, radios, satellites, TV and more. Thus, the scope of employment in the domain of electronics and communication has grown multiple times today. The demand for jobs in this sector is going to be higher in the future as well.

Good pay package:

Students can be assured of being paid well when they offer specialized services in telecommunications, technical sales, repair and maintenance, installation and more. The compensation packages for electronics and communication jobs are quite high, given that the industry looks for skilled people as well as innovators who can bring new things to the fore. The industry handsomely rewards all those engineering professionals who can deliver ingenious technologies, and make work easier in the sector. Engineers can even turn inventors and launch their own businesses, a la Steve Jobs, if they have creativity and know how to develop new electronic stuffs or communication devices.

Helps get knowledge:

Generally, any B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) program for full time prepares students in marketing, building, designing and research in the domain of electronics and communication. This kind of program helps students get knowledge of development and design in Embedded Systems, System Software, Fiber Optics Communication, Mobile Communication, Microwave Communication Systems and more.

Wide range of career options

Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates can get a wide range of career opportunities in a wide range of sectors such as IT, automobiles, music industry, TV, power sector, software development, hardware and electronic manufacturing, telecommunications services, defense services and many more.  In an uncertain job market, students of Electronics and Communication Engineering can always find work and be more or less assured of a secure source of employment if they manage to offer satisfactory services. It is possible to get jobs in major sectors and get a chance to create innovative solutions that can shape the reality of consumers in the coming future.

What are the Main Aspects of Pursuing MBA Agribusiness in Bhubaneswar?

Agribusiness is a specific sector that comprises of farming as well as other associated activities that include the production of agricultural goods, processing and finally the distribution of the same. When you enroll in any of the MBA Agribusiness from a top university in Bhubaneswar, you can get a proper exposure in the agricultural sector.

MBA Agribusiness – Why Is It Studied?

It is a postgraduate 2-year degree program, which is intended to train upper and mid-level executives of the future in the agriculture and food industries. This is a course which concentrates on agricultural sector management, the role of manufacturers of consumer goods, issues faced by farmers and more.

This kind of program is ideal for people who want to be a professional in the agricultural sector, as well as investment bankers and consultants of the future. Students learn various aspects of Management of Global Food Supply Chain and Agribusiness from this MBA course. They can explore trade, marketing and production associated to agriculture.

What Do You Study in MBA Agribusiness course?

In MBA Agribusiness, at postgraduate level students can study a number of areas such as:

  • Agricultural Development – Students can pick up various aspects of agricultural operation and production, and get trained on sustainable development.
  • Agricultural Marketing – They can learn how to make people interested in buying agricultural products produced by farms.
  • Farm Management – It includes decision-making and implementation of the same in organizing a farm and running the same for optimal profits and production.
  • Agricultural Law – Students can get a deeper realization of different policies and laws that are associated to agriculture, as in case of Taxes and Environment. They can learn how to apply such laws in an actual working environment.

What Determines the Eligibility for MBA Agribusiness Courses?

Candidates need to satisfy some prerequisites, to be able to pursue the MBA Agribusiness program from  major universities. The minimum eligibility criteria for this type of course varies across universities, although there are some general conditions that students need to satisfy.

In most cases, candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or an associated topic such as Veterinary Science, Horticulture, Forestry or Dairy Science from an acknowledged academic board.

Students need to have a background in working in agricultural business or any associated industry for a few years.

A few universities also need students to have GMAT or GRE scores in order to obtain admission into the program.

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What does the best building design college in Bhubaneswar offer learners?

Buildings are the places where people live, eat, learn, work, and sleep. They greatly affect the lives of people and the way people live. A building is not supposed to provide just shelter from the elements. It should exclusively cater to the needs of its occupants, as well, in a way that encourages creativity, happiness, and health. If a building does not promote these, you are likely to lose lots of innovation as well as the enchantment, which is ignited by serendipity. This is where a professional building design appears.

Think about how much time you will spend each day inside your building. This simple exposure reveals how important the design of a building really is. If you want to pursue your career as a building designer, you are supposed to keep these things in your mind. You can achieve this only by doing the building design course in the best building design college in Bhubaneswar.

It is turning out to be more and more obvious that a proficiently and correctly designed building will be capable of:

  • Improving the productivity of workers
  • Boosting test scores of students
  • Decreasing the sick time
  • Promoting physical activities
  • Providing the occupants with the required peace of mind

All these factors will work in concert to increase the overall energy efficiency, as well.

Nowadays, these benefits are accessible to anyone through the Bachelor in Building Design College in Odisha. As entities across India look to modernize and improve existing structures, these colleges make them realize that they are building for the future. A course in building design offers the high time that inventive building and design practices to the learners. These courses offer them the complete as well as full awareness they are worthy of. Such courses may slightly be more costly, but it is unbeneficial to miss the profits they can yield.

Buildings are like a human body that has skin and bones. They too breathe, eat energy, electrified, control temperature, and produce waste. Buildings are also life forms although lifeless ones. Building designers are transforming the bacterial cells of building materials into factories. In the same way, the best building design college in Bhubaneswar changes students into professional building designers.

Some of the notable benefits of working as a building designer include:

  • It will offer you a great understanding of your personal needs as well as the needs of your customers.
  • You will be capable of creating better and innovative building designs.
  • You can effectively avoid design errors.
  • You can offer creative solutions to your customers.

Above all, you can easily earn the trust and satisfaction of your customers.


Investing money in doing a building design course is always profitable. This is because it will help learners choose the correct materials and finishes.

How to Begin Career as a Media Professional?

Media is undoubtedly a glamorous and lucrative career. There are many perks associated with a career in media. You can get the chance to visit new places, come across new people, increase your experiences and make name and money along the way. You can build a solid network. Above all, you can impress the world with your creative side. If you wish to make a successful career in media, these tips can prove to be useful in making the right start.

Be present at media events

When you attend various media events, you can get more experience and knowledge about the industry. You can also get the chance to talk to various media experts, and learn a lot from them.

Enroll for a course in media science

A media science program can be a great way to develop creativity and nurture the same. When you pursue this domain of education, you can get trained about the various aspects of media – such as electronic media, filmmaking, communications, public relations, advertising and more. Look for media schools that offer graduate and post-graduate courses in media science, and help students make a rewarding career in the field of media journalism.

Have an active presence on social media channels

LinkedIn, Twitter and other famous social media websites offer a fantastic chance to build networks and connect with experts. You can interact with media experts and learn from them. Some of them might also be open to hiring you. Hiring managers often see how active potential candidates are on their social media profiles, and base their recruitment decision on the same.

Post blog posts or videos

Create a blog or vlog of your own, and make appropriate blog posts or share videos that show your creative side. The more you do that, the more your creative abilities would be sharpened. These can also update the world about your creative skills.

Work as an intern

When you work in a reputed media organization as an intern, you can boost your creative skills. Few things can be better than having practical experience in the media industry, and an internship can provide you with just that. Most hiring managers also focus on candidate’s experience level, and an internship is just what you need to show recruiters that you have got some hands-on training.

Be a ‘go-to’ professional

Try to be proactive, develop your own style and do things in a unique and interesting way. When you exhibit initiatives, you will get more noticed for your approach.

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Which Books can be Motivational for MBA Students?

MBA (Master in Business Administration) students need more than business management skills, and also have to develop a more in-depth knowledge of emotions and human nature. Books can be a great way to get the same, and literature can serve as a source of motivation for them. Here are some books can be informative, motivational and useful for MBA students.


  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People?

This best-seller has been a favorite since 1986, when it was published for the first time. The book is still a shelf-topper and basically teaches how to be sociable and a good influencer – key skills needed by any management professional out there. It is recommended by mentors as well as book lovers. Any MBA student should go through this book to know how to deal with people in a proper way. Written by Dale Carnegie, it is a life-changing book – as regarded by many readers. It teaches the basic methods to handle others, make them like you, win them over with your thought process and transform them without making them bitter.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

It is regarded as among the most influential books, and can benefit any MBA student. It has been authored by Stephen Covey, who has shared those 7 useful habits that can help in achieving high professional and personal success – if practiced appropriately. The habits include a) being responsible for own actions in life and not blaming others for results of those actions, b) starting only after having a proper goal, c) setting priorities for better management of life, d) trying to win without attempting to always beating everybody around, e) judging only after understanding concerns / issues well, f) developing habit of listening properly, g) cooperating with others for more success and finally h) loving and caring for the self.

  1. Outliers

This Malcolm Gladwell book throws light on the attributes of successful individuals, such as The Beatles members and Bill Gates. Readers can get an assessment of their comprehended intelligence and realistic decision-making process.

  1. Straight From the Gut

It has been written by Jack Welch, the man behind General Motors’ amazing success story. Through the book, he shares the story of his 4 decades of experience in running GE, which reveals how he focused on customer satisfaction and quality (which improved efficiency), tried to unravel people’s creativity, used tough and unique methods to kill bureaucracy etc.

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Why is Engineering the Top-Most Demanded Course for Students?

Why is engineering the top-most demanded course for students?

It goes without saying that there are a wide range of professional courses available in India for students to pursue a career in. Some of them include real estate, tourism, customer relationships, general sales, sales, insurance, banking, and retail. However, engineering seems to have a broader scope of opportunities which is what allures every student to opt for it. While salary packages and employment opportunities are extremely high after such courses, engineering also offers you to choose your own specialization that would match your interest and skills. Let us now discover a few reasons for which people are choosing engineering for better career opportunities.

Engineering is a prestigious degree

It goes without saying that out of all the professional courses and degrees that a student can pursue engineering still remains to be a matter of prestige among people. Everyone is aware of the efforts and expertise that is required to pass out as the best engineer and this is what makes the profession stand apart from the others.

Engineers are always ready to take on challenges

Right from the very beginning of their course curriculum engineers are always taught to take on the real world problems rather than focusing into academic learning. They are imparted with various strategies to tackle the real situations and find the relevant solutions without wasting much time. This also makes them creative and ready for challenges.

Specialization is the key aspect

Being creative is the most important skill that engineers have. They will always find new ways and apply the same in their existing knowledge to solve issues that range from designing batteries, regenerators, cars, robotic cars, hard disc to pen drives, and much more.

Engineers are at the edge to improve the world

Engineers have a very nourished conceptual thinking. This is the reason they are always at par in honing and making a difference into the existing worldly situation. They are the creative minds that keep on enhancing the knowledge and developing technology in our everyday life. It goes without saying that if our life has been simplified today, it is only the contribution of these top engineers.

Amazing salary package and job satisfaction in one go

Engineers are creative thinkers who have the ability to solve problems and work in a team. This makes them extremely adaptable to any job situation and keep them satisfied with their work. They have every scope of putting their creative caps on and making good money in terms of their jobs. This way, they are also at a position to gain financial security and a better future.

No business is possible without engineers

Today, every aspect of life needs some amount of engineering. Same is the case with businesses. Had there been no connections of computers and mobile phones, the daily routine of a business would have struggled in a very bad way. Engineers are in every way responsible to enhance technology for businesses to flourish.

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