5 Top Reasons to do MBA after B.Com – Exploring Advantages and Career Opportunities!

With the growth in multinational brandings and corporations, there is increased demand for thoroughly skilled professionals to find solutions to various business issues. A degree programme in Business Administration i.e., MBA helps remarkably to find solutions to such challenges as it offers you a deeper comprehension of the business landscape and enhances your professional as well as personality development. Though MBA course does not have any discipline-specific requirements, it is particularly a great choice for B.Com graduates. If you are wondering why this is the case, the reasons below can shed ample light.

1. Easy to Grasp Curriculum

A Bachelor in Commerce degree offers basic knowledge of economics, business planning, marketing, finance, accounting and many such subjects. Acquaintance with these subjects can prepare you to pursue different jobs in various fields like banking, law, insurance, accounting, advertising, etc. Most of the topics included in B.Com syllabus are elaborated and given in-depth knowledge in MBA. Thus, students with B.Com graduation have an edge here as the crafted curriculum for MBA is often within their easy grasp for better understanding.

  1. Extensive fields of Specialisation

You may get several options for specialisation during your bachelor’s in Commerce degree. Some of them are Taxation, Marketing, Computers, etc. But, most of the times, there is a general degree i.e., B.Com (General) that provides knowledge in Commerce and Business. So, if you want to pursue education based on a specific industry or profession, choosing an MBA would be the best option to venture a specialist track. From Finance to Marketing and HR to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, you can specialize in anything.

3. Building Leadership and Managerial Acumen

An MBA is a recognised and highly credible degree that comes with industry-wise acceptability. Thus, many employers exclusively hire MBA graduates for managerial and leadership roles. Candidates with a business administration degree from leading B-Schools are considered fit for the corporate world due to their MBA-acquired knowledge and competence.

Your newly refined conceptual, technical, decision-making and interpersonal skills are crucial in almost every career field as is your strategic planning and problem-solving capabilities. These can make you a corporate manager, help you start a new business venture or earn a promotion in your current organisation.

4. Vast Career Scope

A B.Com degree provides you with the fundamental business perspective which is enhanced after you pursue an MBA Course. You can use these skills to get jobs not only in the private sector but also in the public or non-profit sectors. You can try for banks, retail, media, consumer durable industry and what not!

The powerful combination of these two degrees will highlight you from the crowd. As the job market in today’s world is highly competitive, it is vital to have the right academic qualification and credentials to grab the best offer.

5. High Salary

There is no doubt that one can earn a handsome salary after completing a degree in management. An MBA can increase your expected earnings to a great extent. Depending upon your experience, skills and the organisation you work for, your package can reach majestic levels. If you have good experience and knowledge of the business world, you can start your own company even!

Computer Science will remain the top branch in engineering by Impact of Covid-19

The pandemic Covid-19 has ravaged homes and countries the world over, and affected millions of people across the globe. It has struck the economy and livelihoods hard, and the academic sector has been highly impacted as well. At a time when students are facing a tough time and wondering about which educational courses would be the best for them, Computer Science and Engineering seems to be one of the best engineering branches that will be here for a long time to come, especially due to the impact of Covid-19. Find out why this is expected.

1) Lockdowns and remote working

With Covid-19 cases surging and dropping every now and then, and lockdowns being imposed and relaxed within a span of a few days, or sometimes even a few hours, no country is free from these restrictions. Thus, digital communication and remote working appears to be here to stay for a long time. As many industry bigwigs feel, such a work scenario would be here to remain for much time. Also, more and more people and businesses would like to be digital literate in the next few years. This only means that the demand for people proficient in Computer Science and Engineering would be more.

2) Profusion of digital jobs

It can easily be understood that as of now, as it appears, Covid-19 seems to be unstoppable. Although vaccination was being seen as a great way to stop this menace – and it has been effective to some extent – it is not the lasting solution. And with the Novel Coronavirus changing its strain after every few months, stopping this disease appears to be impossible for at least a few years now.

This only means that digital jobs would be the future in the years to come, and more and more people would like to improve their proficiency in computers and digital technologies. This is something that only an educational background in Computer Science and Engineering can provide students with.

3) Wide range of career options

With more people being forced to use digital technologies, computers and mobile phones, digital advertisements and digital way of communicating appears to be the norm rather than an exception today. And the fact that there is less going out, courtesy strict guidelines on social distancing and lockdowns, it can easily be understood why jobs related to the internet and computers are going to be more popular in the times to come.

There are plenty of jobs like Software Developer, Game Developer, App developer, Data Analyst, Information security specialist and more. After a solid academic training in the domain of Computer Science and Engineering, it can be easier to find work in the entertainment industry, advertisement industry, mobile phone industry and more.

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What are the Opportunities after Completing the B.Pharm Course?

Throughout India, Pharmacy colleges have witnessed a huge rise in number. Every year, the number of passing out Pharmacy graduates is growing. You can find many B.Pharm Courses being offered by many colleges and universities across the country today. Read and know about some of the most important opportunities after the completion of this course.

Formulation Development (F&D)

You can be successful in Assay development and Assay validation. Formulation Development (F&D) can a good opportunity if you specializations in Pharmaceutics or Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and happen to be an M.Pharma graduate. You can spot new formulations, which is just as important as finding a new drug molecule.

Analytical R&D

If you have M.Pharma with specialization in Pharmaceutical Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Analytical R&D can be useful for you. It is as effectual as Formulation Development (F&D).

Research & Development (R&D)

If you love Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics, R&D can be a great option as well. In biotech, FMCG, agro, and pharmaceutical sectors, you can take up a career in R&D. Ideally, you need to have MS or M. Pharma degree, or PhD. However, you will be preferred more in case you are GPAT qualified. Start preparing from the third year itself in case you wish to pursue an M. Pharma course from some top institution.


When it comes to becoming lecturers, the best candidates happen to be Graduates in M.Pharm. But Pharm.D candidates have the eligibility as well. If you clear tests such as SLET, NET and GPAT, it can be quite advantageous too. You can bag the opportunities to get lecturer jobs in B.Pharm colleges, as a B.Pharm graduate. You can also get the opportunities for conducting research in the field of academics. However, not every college out there offers high quality research opportunities.

Sales & Marketing

In the medical industry, sales and marketing jobs are taken up by most pharmacy graduates. In the domain of sales, numerous job opportunities are available. These have excellent salary structure. You can also get lucrative incentives that are offered upon good performance. This job is challenging, but higher salary, recognition, perks and promotions are some of the excellent benefits. In this profession, you need to travel a lot. However, you will like traveling to new places with organizations funding such trips – to places across the country as well as in overseas nations. Although achieving sales targets comes with high pressure, if you are a competent person, you can quite easily attain the same.

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Careers in Agriculture – What are some Emerging Ones?

Agriculture is a domain that has experienced a huge growth in the present times. There are innovations and research work going on continuously today, and the scope has widened as well. Know about some of the emerging careers in agriculture.

Agricultural Engineering

It aids in designing, creating as well as improving manufacturing processes, machinery and farming equipment, which can boost farming activities. As an Agricultural Engineer, you have to visit work sites and make sure that your processes and equipment are properly working. Here, the main focus is on areas like rural electricity, drainage & irrigation, soil conservation, rural structures and farm equipment.


If you love gardening, and want to have a garden of your own, with trees, vines, flowers and exotic plants, Horticulture can be the best career for you. It is the science of growth as well as cultivation of decorative flowers, ornamental trees, herbs, vegetables, fruits and more. As a Horticulturist, you have to improve the yield, nutritional value, growth and quality of produce.

Dairy Technology

This domain focuses on producing and processing milk. You have to manage milk production, and its storage, collection etc, as well as supervise the processing to ensure that the milk is ideal for consuming.   As a Dairy Technologist, you have to also focus on various other activities – such as storage, packaging and distribution of milk as well as its various by-products. This can ensure that quality as well as nutritional standards are satisfied as well.

Poultry Farming

As a Poultry Farmer, you have to raise ducks, chickens and other domestic birds, to procure eggs and meat. Most of the poultry farms focus on chicken raising to ensure proper supply of meat and eggs. You have to manage varied activities, such as transportation of the products, nutritional standards of the produce, feed supply, shed management and much more.

Fisheries Science

You have to study the breeding, habits and life of varied fish species. When you study this subject, you can learn the varied techniques of fish rearing via non-natural methods as well as how these can safely be conserved as well as transported.


This branch of agricultural science is involved with studying the crops as well as the soil that these grow in. You have to develop techniques which can improve soil usage and boost crops production. They carry out research in different areas, such as proper ways of controlling insects and weeds, management of soil moisture, proper methods of conservation, proper dates of sowing, preparation of good seedbeds, soil fertility restoration and more.

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What is the Scope of Vocational Education & Training?

Vocational education and training refers to the process of giving job based and practical knowledge. It helps in ensuring sophistication of the education system, and can help one to do better in the profession. What exactly is the scope of this? Read on and find out.

Scope of Vocational Education and Training

Courses on Vocational Education are not limited to students only, who are probably in college and school. This type of training can be imparted during the job as well. Such a job-oriented training is important for the economy, and ensures that there is no need for training in future in the career. With vocational guidance, labor allocation in the nation can be much better.

The problem of over unemployment or un-employability is rampant in many nations. In this kind of circumstance, an individual wants to work but is not groomed for the job or does not have the practical skills for the same. Unemployment, in contrast, is a situation where a competent and qualified individual is unable to get a job due to lack of enough professional opportunities. The scope of vocational education is enhanced by the issue of unemployability.

Why is Vocational Education Necessary?

Vocational education is important for multiple reasons:

Makes one job-ready

Vocational Training can make a person ready for a job, as well as improve efficiency of work. It makes it easier to get a job that matches the skills, knowledge and abilities of a person. It boosts the worth of a job-seeker in the market. A non-academic training, it can be useful in becoming an expert in a specific domain. Today, courses in Vocational education are getting more prevalent, as trained applicants who know their job well are preferred more by employers.

Improves entrepreneurship skills

With vocational education courses, entrepreneurship skills can be enhanced as well. An individual can get the experience and skills needed for setting up own work area. It can help him / her get ready with skills that are job-specific. Such kinds of skills can help him / her come up with a new service/ product for customers.

Aids in economic growth

This kind of training can increase skilled people who set up small sized businesses. It is important for the overall economic growth. Such types of courses can ensure job stability. It is quite easily understandable why there is a growing requirement for Vocational education and training these days.

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What are the Upcoming Trends to Impact Information Technology?

In the 21st century, Information Technology has gone beyond the use of raw data transmission, communications or computer systems. Lots of trends are emerging, which are helping businesses across the globe, and are expected to have a big impact on IT. These include:

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes devices which can connect with each other through the internet, and can exchange information. It came to focus in 1999, and in the last few years, has advanced a lot. The devices include actuators, electronics, applications, sensors, vehicles, home appliances and more. With the world being more in need of being connected globally today, the use of IoT can be expected more and more in Information Technology.

Machine Learning

This is among the sharpest tools in technology, which is used these days for making better predictions with the help of data and to take decisions much faster. In the domain of IT and science, there are lots of complex definitions of Machine learning. Machine Learning or ML makes proper use of data, and it can be useful for aiding in precise medical predictions, predicting possibilities or challenges, improving the accuracy of financial models and more.

Quantum Computing

In the domain of IT, this is another landmark innovation which is expected to shape the world of business in the years to come. It can help process a large amount of data in more than 5 million machines. According to research, Quantum Computing can be very useful for solving very complex technical issues and glitches. This trend can make human life much easier, and add more value to the world of business.

Practical Blockchain

Blockchain is getting more and more popular, as well as widespread in use, as it aids users in interacting with one another over the cyberspace without being supervised by any centralized authority or experiencing any risk of having to disclose any personal details. It is being used more and more for reducing transaction time, organizational expenses etc, and for ensuring more transparency, immutability and security. In the years to come, it can be expected to be used more and more in Information Technology to help end-users benefit from its optimal potential. In the global market, by the end of 2023, it can be expected to be used for ensuring total data security.

3D Printing

This technology has made it possible to create a 3D object directly from a digital file. It makes use of a PC to assimilate or solidify specific materials. 3D printing is being predicted to be entering disaster sites, homes and even outer spaces, in the long term.

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What are the Opportunities after a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Electronics engineering is a full-time, 3-year course that is among the most famous Diploma courses at the moment. It helps students get jobs in core areas like mobile technologies, wireless communications etc as well as in biomedical engineering, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Know about some of the career options and opportunities that are available after the completion of a diploma program in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Private sector jobs

Once you complete this program, you can find many private sector opportunities, in case you have proper skills. When you hold Diploma in electronic engineering, you can get employment in different fields, such as electronics, IT, power, telecom, utilities, transport, automotive, construction industries, manufacturing etc. You can find work in famous private companies like TCS, TISCO, Wipro, Honeywell and LSI Logic, to name a few.

Government sector jobs

After the program completion, you can try to bag government jobs, as these come with social prestige, more remuneration, job security, stability in career and lots of other extra facilities. A few of the eminent government recruiters include SAIL, NTRO, NTPC, DRDO, DMRC, SSC, BSNL and Railway. However, there is huge competition, given that the number of seats available for electronic engineers is comparatively less than in other fields.

Computer courses

There are lots of opportunities in IT sector for people who hold a diploma in electronics engineering. When you also do a computer course, such as a CISCO Network Administration course, a Computer hardware course or a 6-month Programming language course, you can have a fantastic career. Doing such a course can raise chances of employ-ability for you, and make a big difference when you begin to look for a job.

Higher Studies

With a diploma program, it can be easier to have a broader perspective and be able to go for higher studies. You can do a post graduation, and go for further Ph.D. It can be easier for you to be a researcher and start working in Engineering Institute as a faculty member.

Job oriented professional courses

These are significant as well, and are extremely practical – as you can get a job directly after the course completion. With such courses, you can give your resume a boost and raise your chances of bagging the kind of job that you wish to have.

Open up your own business

Becoming self-employed is another option to consider, and while it can be challenging, you can be your own boss and have unlimited income potential.


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