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Centurion Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research is a refereed journal, which serves as a platform for exploring the current issues, challenges and linkages in the broad areas of development, technology, engineering and management. There is a special focus on skill development and education, its recognition and promotion in the country, especially with the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the government of India. The objective of the journal is to facilitate bringing together research based contributions in science, technology, management and skills that has direct implication for the development of under-privileged communities and empowering them. The journal links theory and practice in the above areas so as to have policy and programme implications, particularly in under-developed contexts. In addition to articles from individuals or collectives, the journal publishes book reviews.

Centurion Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha is the No.1 Private skill university of India. Centurion Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Research” is the biannual peer reviewed and internationally reputed journal of Centurion University of Technology and Management. The journal is an attempt by the university to create a scope for researchers to contribute to the pool of knowledge in the area of  basic and applied research. We encourage academicians, researchers, young scholars, thinkers and interested individuals to publish their  research works with us in different areas of Engineering , technology, science, humanities and social sciences.

Green Technology for Enhancing Livelihoods (FDP)

Center of Smart Infrastructure in association with Center for Renewable Energy & Environment (CREE) and Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is going to organize a Faculty Development Programme on Green Technology for Enhancing Livelihoods from 31st May-4th June 2021.

About the FDP:

The energy is the backbone for economic growth in the country. In current situation looking in to increase in population in India, the energy requirement for the living being is a challenge. The demand of energy sources is more than the available energy sources. So the current research in the field of energy sources has been diverted to the availability of sufficient cost effective energy sources with its environment friendly utilization techniques. There is tremendous availability of renewable energy sources, but environmental friendly utilization is a matter of concern. This FDP aims to provide exposure to faculty members, practicing engineers, and students to the concepts of Renewable Energy sources like Solar PV, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass and their environment friendly applications for livelihood.

Eminent Speakers:

  1. Dr. Jyotsna Singh, University of Lucknow, UP
  2. Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mohanty, OUAT, Bhubaneswar
  3. Dr. Surendra Poonia, ICAR-CAZRI, Rajasthan
  4. Dr. Susanta Kumar Tripathy, NIT, Silchar
  5. Prof. Bibhu Prasad Ganthia,  IGIT, Sarang
  6. Mr. Arupananda Pattanaik, OREDA, Bhubaneswar
  7. Prof. Nimay Chandra Giri, CREE, CUTM
  8. Prof. Smruti Ranjan Nayak, CREE, CUTM

Key Topics to be discussed:

  • Renewable Power for Sustainable Development
  • Use of Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood in Agriculture and Allied Sectors
  • Utilization of Solar Energy in Agriculture
  • Solar Photovoltaic System
  • Wind Energy Conversion System
  • Livelihood Products for Rural Revitalization
  • System Sizing

Special Attention:

  • Live Demonstration on Livelihood Products

Registration for FDP:

Members from Institutions/Industries, Research Scholars, and Students are eligible to apply for the FDP. There is no Registration Fee to participate in the FDP. FDP will be conducted in Online Mode.  The registration process is in online submission mode, please register for the FDP using the below link:




What are the Reasons to Study BSc in Agriculture?

BSc Agriculture studies are aimed at turning students into competent agriculturists. The purpose of this course is to assist you in understanding all the core aim of Agriculture studies, and get extensive information about the study area. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to study BSc in agriculture.

High demand for the program

As an academic course, BSc in agriculture is in a lot of demand. Under this course, you can get many areas to study – such as food production, horticulture, animal rearing, rural development, rural economy and environmental health. It is important for you to note that the demand for this program is unlikely to face a dip in the coming years, given that agriculture and food production will always be in high demand. There will be a requirement for qualified agriculturists as a result. This cannot be regarded as true for automobiles, or other similar sectors.

More innovations

At one time, agriculture was regarded as a backdated profession by many youngsters. That is not the case anymore, given that the field has witnessed plenty of technological interventions and innovations in the last few years. Over the years, the domain has experienced a lot of innovations that were unimaginable even sometime back.

Wide availability of courses

It is also a fact that BSc Agriculture courses are offered for studies in government as well as private academic institutes, colleges and universities. In case you are denied admission into any government college, you may pursue the course from a private institute. This can be worthwhile to pursue, given that the demand for people skilled in this domain of agriculture is increasing every day, at home as well as abroad.

Reasonable study fees

It is also true that you do not have to spend a bomb in studying this program. The study fees are quite lower than what the case is with other professional degree programs. Also, after the completion of this course, you can get more highly paid jobs.

Full understanding of agriculture

After completing BSc in Agriculture, you can emerge with knowledge about various exciting subjects related to the study area, such as agriculture economics, agronomy, soil sciences, genetics, plant breeding, extension education, animal sciences and plant biochemistry, to name a few. The syllabus for BSc agriculture is designed in such a way that it is possible for students to learn quickly about the sustainability of crops and production. Upon course completion, you can know about agriculture as well as some other specific domains.

Wide knowledge of agriculture

When you have an understanding of agriculture science, you can deal with varied farming practices, execute research work; undertake field surveys and much more. You can feel confident about being able to deal with agricultural work much more responsibly and with a lot of diligence. Through in-depth experiments and studies, you can learn a lot about agriculture at best private university. This program can equip you with problem-solving skills, with the aid of research as well as practical implementation of theoretical knowledge.

Webinar on Investor Awareness

Live webinar on “Investor awareness and the role of regulators” is organised for the students and faculties of Centurion University of Technology and Management on 28th April 2021 at 11 am with two hour duration.  It is organised by BSE IPF, SEBI, CDSL and CUTM. Resource person for the webinar are Shri. Priyank Harish Shende(AGM,SEBI ERO), Shri.Pratyush Sengupta (BSE IPF), Shri Somnath Majumder(CDSL), Sri Soumya Ranjan Sahoo(BSE IPF) and DR.Girija Nandini (CUTM). They briefly discussed on the introduction of investment and also the role of SEBI, BSE and CDSL as regulators of Capita Market for the awareness of investors. 150 Students got practical Exposre to Capital Markets and able to learn different Mechanism of Indian Securities Market. Good Feedback along with active participation from Students and Faculties really encouraged the Guests,  to conduct such webinars in Futures as a part of their Basic objective of Investment awareness to common People. Different programs conducted for the investor awareness by School of Management, CUTM is also discussed. We really thankful to BSE Investor Protection fund (BSE IPF), for conducting such Webinars.




Forensic Science – A Bright Career Option for Young Generation

What is forensic science? It is a branch of medical science that needs information from various disciplines like Information Technology, Physics, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. Forensic science utilizes both law and science to provide unbiased scientific evidence which is used to unravel criminal investigations. Forensic experts have to collect evidence from crime scenes and use those for solving crimes. In an investigation team, a forensic expert has a significant role to play. Through education, training and experience these professionals gain accuracy in evidence collection. Forensic scientists should have good IT, analytical and communication skills. They are concerned even for the minutest detail.


A forensic scientist has diverse career options –

  • Forensic Toxicologist

They analyze the body fluids of an individual for determining whether any kind of chemicals, poisons or drugs are present. This helps to identify the cause of demise and make reports about what the dead person consumed before his death.

  • Forensic Science Tech

Forensic technicians work in big crime labs for analyzing various evidences of crime scenes. They examine from the smallest to the biggest slivers of evidence like fibers, hairs, glass pieces or fingerprints.

  • Forensic Pathologist

The pathologists are medically trained doctors. They perform autopsies on the victims for determining the actual reason for death and then report the manner of the death. The pathologists must have keen eyes so that they can determine the exact reason for death.

  • DNA Analyst

Do you know that DNA is found in skin, hair or blood? DNA evidence is very vital in convicting a suspected person for the crime he has committed. DNA analysts get specialized training for examining DNA evidence.

  • Digital Forensics Examiner

In this stream of forensic examination, hard drive or mobile phone are searched as evidence of the crime. Tests are also performed on cloned objects. Often devices are forensically cloned. They produce a detailed written report providing information about all evidence.

Therefore, if an individual is planning to choose a forensic expert as a career, then he should know this branch of study. Forensic science offers some rewarding and exciting career. The job of a forensic scientist is quite challenging but, at the end of the day, he receives a suitable reward. Thus, forensic science awaits a bright future for aspirants. Many renowned colleges are offering this Forensic Science course. After completion of the 12th standard examination, students should choose their career wisely.

Why Study a Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) After Plus Two Exams?

Medical Lab Technicians are professionals with particular skills, and with specialty in medical sciences.  Medical lab technology happens to be a part of the bigger allied health services that are involved with microscopic, pathological and biochemical exam of body fluids, tissues and cells with the help of various kinds of equipment, methods and processes. A Medical Lab Technician or Medical Lab Technologist is a health care professional specializing in this domain. Find out why you should study a Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) after your Plus Two exams.

High job demand

The demand for paramedic professionals and medical lab technicians has grown a lot in the last few years, especially after the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thus, there are plenty of  job opportunities for medical lab technologists in Hospital laboratories, Clinical research laboratories, Physicians’ laboratories (within clinic), Forensic labs as well as in NGOs, Veterinary hospitals, Applications specialist centers, Educational institutions, Blood banks, Government health service centers, International health services (Red Cross Society) and even with outsourced service providers and Private ventures (Entrepreneurship).

Safe jobs available

If you thought that these jobs need you to be in contact with patients and therefore, the risk of contracting viruses would be higher, you will be assured to know that is not the case always. Not every MLT needs to be in direct contact with patients. While you have to help medical professionals, in most cases, you will be expected to work behind-the-scenes. You might not even come in contact with any patient at all.

Job security and fast employment scope

You can find a lot of MLT jobs available and can also enter the workforce easily and quickly, due to the high demand and huge rates of employability. Medical Lab Technicians are indispensable to the healthcare sector, and there is a constant rise in demand for such professionals. As a laboratory technician, you can work with senior lab technicians at any time that you wish, and be able to give a boost to your skills, knowledge and quality of work with collaborations and discussions with them.

Job satisfaction

When you work as a Medical Lab Technician, it can be immensely satisfying, especially in these uncertain times – to know that you too are making an immense contribution in the healthcare sector. You can find it reassuring to know that you will also be regarded as a healthcare ‘warrior’ or a ‘Covid warrior’ once you enter the workforce as an MLT. This can give you immense spiritual and intellectual satisfaction. You can enjoy stability and growth, draw a decent salary, switch to another job or a medical institution whenever you want, and always be able to serve the humanity. Few people, even in many high-paying jobs, can have such freedom and satisfaction.