Humanities or Engineering after COVID – Which course to choose?

Lockdown is coming to an end and the world is gradually returning to its normal. Now, the question is – will the world become tech driven in post-lockdown? Or will there be still the debate between Engineering and Humanities? Experts like Dr Neelam Upadhyay and Dr P Shankar have shared their opinion in this regard.

  • Corona virus has caused health as well as economic crisis. As a result, job market is hit badly. Will this affect the choice of courses for students?

Dr P Shankar: The world has already become technology-driven and technology is expected to have greater emphasis in near future. Big data, automation, IoT and artificial intelligence are in use and they help the industry to become more resilient to disasters and pandemics in future.

Dr Neelam Upadhyay: Students should see carefully the strategies adopted by the companies. They need manpower and they are not stopping hiring process. She suggests that students should take this pandemic situation as a chance to prepare themselves with all the necessary skills. there is likely to be no changes in courses that are offered but, there will be restructuring of engineering program. Emphasis will be more on interdisciplinary exercises which are only practiced in some renowned institutes only.

  • Engineering has been adding and updating its list of subjects in the last few years. Is this based on the feedback from industry?

Dr P Shankar: Industry demands students who are job-ready and universities are grooming students in the like manner. However, curriculum needs to be updated periodically and for this, institutes should keep track of the current technology trends.

Dr Neelam Upadhyay: According to her, curriculum in India has not been received for long. Many institutes are still following the old curriculum and so, engineering students are not acquiring proper skills and are incapable of addressing any current market trend. Hence, they are turning out to be unemployable. After Prime Minister’s introduction of Make in India project that the institutes have started proposing changes.

  • Brightest students go abroad and India faces brain drain. Is the situation still the same or is it changing?

Dr Neelam Upadhyay: Unfortunately, the situation in India is still the same. Many bright students are going abroad, especially in the USA as it offers better opportunities. So, there is a brain drain in our country till date.

This pandemic situation is a global issue and therefore, normalcy will be restored globally as well. However, technology has received more emphasis in recent times but, you should not forget that humanities teach to be creative and solve problems innovatively. It also induces critical thinking together with other things. So, with normalcy nothing is likely to change much except a little more focus on technology.

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What is the scope of getting a job and the Maximum Salary after BBA?

In request to making your future brilliant and demanding, make a point to do a speedy certification course in MS Office and MIS (Management Information System) directly in the wake of doing BBA. This certification alongside a BBA degree from Top BBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Odisha would help your certainty and prepare you to go into the corporate world. This will also upgrade your abilities and make you proficient for future market difficulties. Likewise, you should make it a propensity for reading papers, take an interest in bunch interactions with your friend gathering and stay refreshed with ongoing business sector patterns.

As a management understudy you should get familiar with the specialty of communication and work according to the pace of late market developments. This won’t just make your resume solid yet in addition permit you to seek after your Post Graduation in Management with a clearer manner of thinking. Furthermore, BBA graduates can also settle on momentary recognition course in Mass Communication, Event Management, Animation and English Speaking according to their enthusiasm, interest and inclination.

The extent of BBA

There are a lot of job openings accessible for BBA Graduates. To be specific, BBA graduates can search for jobs in deals and marketing branch of organizations as management trainees. A BBA degree alongside some long periods of work experience will without a doubt take you to the initiative situation in any association. The initial compensation in this profession begins from Rs.12,000 to Rs.15,000 every month for a fresher. Be that as it may, it relies upon the organization’s brand reputation in the market and also on your expertise and ability. The average salaries can easily range between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

Top courses to seek after BBA

There are numerous choices as far as courses that you can seek after in the wake of doing Bachelor of Business Administration from BBA Institute in Bhubaneswar. Depending upon your zone of interest, enthusiasm, range of abilities and inclination, you can choose to seek after the following courses at Post Graduation Level:

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The most widely recognized at this point the most well known and sought-after Post Graduation course after BBA is MBA (Master of Business Administration). It not just encourages you in getting a good management position and worthwhile pay yet in addition permits you to turn into your own chief. The time length of MBA is 2 years, and you to need to clear selection tests like CAT, XAT, SNAP and MAHCET to get affirmation in top MBA colleges. MBA courses accompany different specializations in Marketing, Finance, HR and International Trade, which you can pick according to your energy and fitness.

This implies in the wake of doing MBA you can find jobs in different industries and in domains like innovation, medicinal services, manufacturing, government offices, non-profit associations and FMCG organizations. In this period of stiff market rivalry, if you have done MBA from a lofty college and have incredible communication and management abilities, you will undoubtedly proceed in your career.

Some of the top MBA colleges in India are IIMs (Indian Institute of Management), FMS, IIFT, JBIMS, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, MICA Ahmedabad and XLRI Jamshedpur.

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is the elective alternative to MBA. By and by, there’s very little among MBA and PGDM. While MBA is a degree course offered by Universities, PGDM is a certificate courses offered via autonomous institutions. In some colleges, PGDM courses of 1 year are also offered. As it is extremely difficult to get admission to IIMs and XLRIs, understudies can go PGDM courses offered by mid level MBA colleges. PGDM courses also have an all around organized educational plan and are recognized by organizations for jobs.

MMS (Masters in Management Studies)

Ace in Management Studies (MMS) is also an elective choice for MBA. The time span of MMS course is also 2 years, and is offered by government perceived colleges. The essential qualification standard to join this course is a Graduation degree in any discipline with half stamps. Understudies in their final year of Graduation can also apply to this course.

MMS as a course help understudies to learn management aptitudes and control business exercises at different levels. This course is also implied for developing innovative aptitudes. After the effective consummation of this course, you can hold good management positions with rewarding compensation bundles.

Regions of work for BBA Graduates

In the wake of doing BBA, depending upon your inclination, interest and range of abilities, you can work in the following territories:

  • Business
  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • HR Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism Management

One final thing to recall while jumping into the profession of management is that you should develop outstanding communication aptitudes, critical thinking abilities and brisk dynamic abilities. With these abilities you will have the option to develop in this field multifold.

Jobs and Career Opportunities after BBA

Each aspiring management professional should remember one thing that management and administrative abilities are principal for development. Likewise, being a MBA graduate you should know to cause ideal usage of accessible resources and help the individual business to develop exponentially. On one hand you should know to handle the accounting, finance, marketing and innovative parts of an organization, and on other hand you should be knowledgeable in making key choices alongside excellent individuals management aptitudes.

Private Sector Jobs after BBA

Private sector organizations have the serious edge, wherein you should manage ordinary market difficulties with your rapidly critical thinking and dynamic abilities. Besides, the compensation bundle offered by private organizations to management professionals is excessively high. Some of the industries where a MBA graduate can work are as per the following:

  • Advertising
  • Aeronautics
  • Banking
  • Consultancy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Offline Marketing
  • Manufacturing

Government Sector Jobs after BBA

Despite the fact that the compensation bundle of management professionals in Government sector isn’t as high when contrasted with private sector, nonetheless, in the government sector there’s the minimal work pressure, job security and dependability. Degree for management professionals in government banking sector is most noteworthy when contrasted with some other domain. Numerous government run bookkeeping and financial institutions are consistently in a post for youthful BBA Graduates. If you are BBA graduate who is acceptable at analyzing key issues, planning and managing resources and information crunching, then you will have a splendid future in government sector.Click here for more information.

Top Career Paths after B.Pharm Course in Bhubaneswar, Odisha ?

An undergraduate degree course, B.Pharm or B.Pharmacy involves the study of pharmaceutical engineering, drug doses, medicinal chemistry, medicine, drugs and more. Students often wonder what kind of jobs awaits them after completing such an academic program. Here are some that you can know about.  Top B.pharm Colleges in Bhubaneswar Odisha is providing all opportunities to B.pharm Students.

Clinical Research Associate

 After the completion of a B.Pharm course, you can become a data validation associate, Clinical Research Associate (CRO) or medical underwriter. You can get many doors opened up for you, which can provide your career with the excellent start that it needs.

Community Pharmacist

 You have to dispense and distribute medicines. As a community pharmacist, you would be working under legal and ethical guidelines and have to ensure that proper and safe medicines are delivered to the public in general. You need to directly face the customers and provide them with information and advice about their health in general.

R&D Scientist

 You have to fix technological or scientific confusions in medicinal projects, and use your knowledge and acumen to deal with major responsibilities.

Drug Inspector

You have to monitor the quality, safety and utility of a medicine from when it is manufactured to when it is delivered to a retail store. It is important to be committed and patient to be successful in this field.

Quality Control Associate

As a Quality Control Associate, you have to apply, develop, maintain and revise quality standards of materials that are processed fully or partially. It is possible to apply for many government jobs of this type.

Scientific Writer

You have to cover all those domains that are advancing fast in the domain of pharmacy. It is possible to report exciting and landmark records in this area. The job of a scientific writer needs you to write, edit and research scientific articles, features and news in a proper way.

Formulation Development (F&D) Associate

In this job role, you are supposed to detect new formulations that are more effectual. The work of an F&D Associate is crucial and challenging, but highly satisfying.

Sales & Marketing Executive

This is a job where most B.Pharm graduates are found to work in. There are many jobs in the sales domain, with excellent salary structure. The incentives on good performances can be quite fabulous. Although this is a challenging job, the remuneration and rewards are handsome without a doubt. But you are supposed to travel much, to various parts of the country as well as abroad – with trips financed by employers.

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What are Some of the Fields of Engineering Growing Too Fast?

Even a few years ago, the IT sector was very hot in the job market, employing thousands in numbers. Today, more and more engineering students are looking for better sectors that can promise them the promise of high salary, good job security and decent job satisfaction. Know about some of the fields of engineering that are growing quite fast, and which BTech engineering courses are worth pursuing.

BTech in Robotics:

In the manufacturing sector, robotics technology has been in widespread use for quite some time now. It deals primarily with the design, building, maintenance and operation of robots. Robots are supposed to fill into the shoes of humans for dangerous or routine tasks, to reduce wastage of manpower, resources etc. It comes as no surprise then that a large number of big companies are investing a lot of money into the R&D of robots.

BTech in Mechatronics engineering:

With more and more companies opting for automation, and the production of parts of complicated machines becoming important, mechatronics engineering has turned into a big aspect of any standard manufacturing assembly line. The manufacturing sector has become the main industry that mechatronics engineers have started to focus on in the recent years.

BTech in Environmental Engineering:

Environmental Engineering is making use of present ideas in engineering and science, to keep the environment safe from the harsh elements of nature. This domain of engineering is becoming increasingly important, with mankind waking up to face the effects of climate change and global warming every day. It seeks to keep the demand for growth satisfied, keeping the environment protected as well.

Many of the top global corporations are now hiring environmental engineers, so as to save more energy and contribute to environmental protection.

B.Tech in the Internet of Things (IoT):

For mechatronic systems as well as AI, a plethora of opportunities has been opened up by the Internet of Thingsor IoT, as it is referred to by many industry experts today. Essentially, IoT involves integrating the internet across every electrical and electronic platform. It is a type of concept that has long-term applications and effects, and can be related to various things, such as airplanes, cars, toasters and refrigerators.

With Internet of Things (IoT) being integrated in almost every internet enabled device imaginable today, IoT engineers are trying to make the security aspect much better, so that it is impossible for anyone to breach the safety protocols.

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Job Skills having Secured Future in Post- COVID Period

COVID 19 pandemic situation has taught people many things one of which is the power of technology. In this situation, people have seen how powerful today’s technologies, like big data and cloud, are. They have also exposed the risk to cyber security and have helped businesses to visualize innovative ways of using data effectively.

With implementation of social distancing and lockdowns, industries have come to standstill because people have to stay indoors. In such a scenario, technology has acted as a savior. People have started working from home and shopping online from the comfort of the couch and government has started monitoring with the help of technology and targeting action to prevent the spread of virus. Thus, it is quite evident that this pandemic will bring digital transformation.

There are certain areas where job opportunities might also open up in the coming months or year.


With the spread of COVID 19 pandemic, huge number of people is now working from home and therefore, there is substantial increase in data usage all over the world. As a result, job openings are growing steadily for AI/ML engineers, data scientists, data analysts and data engineers. This demand is expected to rise more quickly.


Public Cloud is the backbone of IT infrastructure. During the last few months, migration to Cloud has become the top priority. Cloud migration is likely to increase more in this pandemic situation. Hence, there will be greater demand for cloud IT admins and cloud architects.


In recent times, when remote working has become the norm, cyber security is the first priority. With this norm is likely to persist post-COVID period also, company data can be at risk, if they are not properly secured. People usually use person Wi-Fi networks which are increasing threat levels. Thus, demand for ethical hackers and security architects, is likely to accelerate.


Businesses have now become more digital thereby making digital channels the mainstream for different sectors like healthcare, education, retail and the like. Growing demand for digitalization is likely to spike the need for business analysts.


More and more people are now consuming information and data online. That is why, digital marketing has emerged as the lifeline for companies seeking to increase their ROI, reduce their marketing spends and follow customers online. This will again, lead to high demand for CRM, SEO and content experts, digital marketing specialists, email marketing professionals and PPC practitioners.

COVID 19 pandemic has completely changed the life of people to new normal. Work front has shifted to digital. While numerous jobs are at risk due to economic downturn, tech and digital jobs are likely to experience growth in the coming years.

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What Can You Expect from a Good VFX (Visual Effects) Course in Bhubaneswar?

VFX or Visual Effects means the effect of creating characters and environments that are impossible or difficult to find in real life, or capture on camera in actual life. It has been in use in the movie industry for a long time, with flying superheroes, blasting cars and more. Today, it is used not in Hollywood movies only but in many regional movie industries as well. In India, the VFX industry is witnessing a phenomenal growth and it is catering to even Hollywood. This has led to a rise in demand for skilled VFX professionals and VFX courses. Find out what you can expect from a good VFX course in Bhubaneswar .

Covers different aspects of animation

VFX course in Bhubaneswar are found to cover many different aspects of animation, such as cartoons, graphic designing, visual effects, games and more. You can learn how to use various methods and tools for the creation of high-quality graphics and animated visuals for TV shows, movies, games and more. Such courses can also help you know how graphic-designing should be done for websites. You can find out how to create superior visual effects for TV, film and other industries. Certified trainers can teach you VFX production skills in an ambience similar to a studio.

Knowledge of various VFX software packages

There are different types of software used for the purpose of creating VFX. There is 3Ds Max that can be used to create 3D images, and can help create 3D still pictures, video-game environments and films. You can learn the usage of Adobe After Effects, another popular software that aids in VFX creation with compositing and motion graphics. It can be useful for small productions and independent film making. Maxon Cinema 4D can aid you in modeling, animation and rendering. There is also Autodesk Maya, which has a “node base” framework and helps with animation, dynamics, rendering, modeling and more.

Wide range of career options 

After the completion of a VFX course, you can take up the job of a Video Editor, 3D Modeler, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, 2D/3D Animator, Multimedia Programmer or Lecturer.

High salary packages

As a VFX professional, you can earn anywhere between 2 and 5 lakh INR. Pursuing degree courses with certificate courses can be better than pursuing only one type of course, and can fetch you a higher salary package. You can earn as high as 10 lakh INR or even more.

Top Highest Paid Jobs for a Prospective Career in Agriculture

What does a job in agriculture means to you? Toiling in the sun and waiting for the crops to mature? Gone are those days! Now, agricultural sector has also developed in many ways giving rise to numerous opportunities. Hence, people nowadays have a good career option in agriculture as well.

Still wondering whether it is true or not? Have a look at some of the highest-paying and most demanding career options in agriculture.

Agricultural Operations Manager

Agricultural operations manager is the person responsible for maintaining processes in large scale agribusinesses like mills and grain manufacturing. The managers not only ensure smooth functioning of daily operations but also look after leading staff and inventory. Operations managers are required to have basic know-how about agriculture and excellent communication and organization skills.

Food Scientist

Do you know who creates the nutritional info printed at the back of every pack? It is the food scientist. A food scientist is the person who gathers information about a food and marks it safe. He also determines for how long one can preserve processed foods. Food scientists and other scientists work together to ensure that agricultural food so produced is safe.

Agronomy Sales Manager

Agronomy sales manager is the driving force of agricultural industry. These professionals will give training to a team who will educate farmers at different places regarding taking care of their crops and land. They also sell and promote fertilizers, soil and seeds.

Agricultural Engineer

An agricultural engineer plays with machines. He designs agricultural machinery and equipments, test them to make sure they work properly and also, ensure that the machineries are made abiding government regulations.

Agricultural Economist

Agricultural economists perform different tasks. They work as market analyst, researcher, land appraiser, consultant and business advisor. They have to deal with everything and anything related to agricultural market – right from advising clients and developing forecast to predicting crop growth and determining land price. An economist should have multi-tasking skill.

Agricultural Lawyer

Agricultural lawyers mitigate any kind of dispute relating to land while adhering to government regulations. At times, these lawyers might have to deal with intellectual property, insurance and agricultural infrastructure. Since their job is stressful, they are highly paid.

Asides these, there are other scope of career in agriculture. A job in the agricultural sector ensures a stable career yet something that will create a different for the future generation.

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What are the Best Career Options to Take Up After Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) happens to be a domain of engineering that is a blend of computer engineering and computer science. It makes students learn about various programming languages, algorithms, computation, multimedia tools and much more. Successful completion of Class 12 exams is necessary for entry into B.Tech computer science engineering programs while a B.Tech degree in any specialization in computer science is necessary for M.Tech program admission. In many Indian engineering institutions, admissions are also granted on the basis of entrance exams like GATE and JEE. Know about some of the best career options to consider after completing a Computer Science Engineering course.

Hardware Engineer:
You have to develop a PC’s physical components. Your work would involve development, research, design, monitoring and testing computer hardware setup, such as keyboards, printers, modems, circuit boards, systems and computer chips.

Networking Engineers:
You need to implement, design and troubleshoot PC networks, and ensure network infrastructure availability and integrity as well as maintain organizational data communication systems.

System Analyst:
Deep research is needed to spot out issues in an organization’s PC system network and resolve them. It can improve efficiency of the system and ensure smooth workflow.

Software Developers:
You have to code, design and program various software packages, and manage projects. A CSE program can make you aware of how to apply the knowledge of computer science in various software design and development, to satisfy client requirements.

Information Security Analyst:
The job is to ensure that the IT system of an organization can survive all kinds of disruptions, like hacking, data breaches, natural disasters etc. Data and information must be kept safe from possible attacks.
Database Administrator

You have to design, maintain, implement and repair the database of an organization, and ensure data consistency and accessibility; supervise changes made to existing software programs and check database software purchases.

Graphic Designer:
Designing website blueprint, design application, design decoration etc are the jobs of a graphic designer. You may work at a company or as a freelancer, taking up projects from various organizations.

To be successful as a professional Computer Science Engineer, you need a basic knowledge of software tools, multimedia design, network design, programming languages, software design etc, as well as have excellent team spirit, communication skills and proficiency in expressing ideas through written and formal form. You must be capable of data evaluation and analysis, as well an expert in managing time.