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Bachelor of Dairy Technology

Bachelor of Dairy Technology

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  • Duration

    4 years

About the Programme
Dairy Technology is an engineering field that deals with the processing of milk and its products. This field involves the use of “Technology” to make the dairy products and processing more advanced, hi-tech and useful. The dairy technology is a component of food technology that specifically deals with the processing, storage, packaging, distribution and transportation of the dairy products like milk, ice-cream, curd etc by implying the science of biochemistry, bacteriology, nutrition to the milk and milk products.
Course Fee
Fee Per SemesterFee Per Year
Differential Equations and Laplace TransformationCUTM10012013
Linear Algebra & Vector CalculusCUTM10022013
Complex Analysis & Numerical MethodsCUTM10032013
Discrete MathematicsCUTM10042013
Probability & StatisticsCUTM10052013
Mechanics for EngineersCUTM10062103
Optics and Optical FibresCUTM10072103
Applied Analytical ChemistryCUTM10082103
Applied Engineering MaterialsCUTM10092013
Environmental StudiesCUTM10100022
Basics of Design ThinkingCUTM11900112
Optimisation TechniquesCUTM10110202
Engineering Economics and CostingCUTM10122013
Project ManagementCUTM10132013
Gender, Human Rights and EthicsCUTM10141.501.53
Climate Change, Sustainability and OrganisationCUTM10151.501.53
Industrial IOT and AutomationCUTM10173216
Data Analysis and Visualisation using PythonCUTM10180134
Machine Learning using PythonCUTM10191214
Robotic automation with ROS and C++CUTM10201214
Design ThinkingCUTM10210022
System Integration with DYMOLACUTM10220022
Smart Engineering Project (G2M)CUTM10230033
Milk Production Management and Dairy DevelopmentCUTM11442103
Physical Chemistry of MilkCUTM11452103
Market MilkCUTM11462103
Traditional Indian Dairy ProductsCUTM11471102
Microbiology of Fluid MilkCUTM11482103
Chemistry of MilkCUTM11492103
Fat Rich Dairy ProductsCUTM11502103
Microbiology of Dairy ProductsCUTM11511102
Dairy Process EngineeringCUTM11522013
Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk ProductsCUTM11532103
Condensed & Dried MilksCUTM11542013
Quality and Safety Monitoring in Dairy IndustryCUTM11552013
Ice-cream & Frozen DessertsCUTM11562013
Chemistry of Dairy ProductsCUTM11572103
Cheese TechnologyCUTM11582013
By Products TechnologyCUTM11592013
Packaging of Dairy ProductsCUTM11602013
Chemical Quality AssuranceCUTM11611012
Dairy Plant Design and LayoutCUTM11621012
Food and Industrial MicrobiologyCUTM11632013
Sensory Evaluation of Dairy ProductsCUTM11642103
Dairy Plant ManagementCUTM11651012
Waste Disposal and Pollution AbatementCUTM11661012
DomainData Science and Machine LearningMLCU2000291526
Data Analysis and Visualisation Using PythonCUML20000134
Machine Learning using PythonCUML20011214
ML for Predictive AnalysisCUML20021214
ML for Image AnalyticsCUML20030426
ML for Hyperspectral imagingCUML20040426
DomainSoftware TechnologySTCU2010071320
Web Services Using JAVACUST20100415
Advanced JAVA ProgrammingCUST20110314
Web Programming Using AngularJSCUST20120213
Product DevelopmentCUST20130088
DomainAerial Survey and Remote Sensing ApplicationsASCU2020410418
Remote Sensing & Digital Image ProcessingCUAS20202204
Geospatial Technology and its ApplicationCUAS20212204
Photogrammetry and its ApplicationCUAS20220202
Lidar Remote sensing and its ApplicationsCUAS20230202
Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing and its ApplicationCUAS20240202
DomainGaming and Immersive Learning (AR & VR)ARCU2060551020
Introduction to Gaming & SimulationCUAR20601102
Game Assets & Game ObjectsCUAR20611113
Building Game EnvironmentCUAR20621113
Game Animation, Scripting & UICUAR20631113
Binary Deployment and Cross-Platform ControlsCUAR20641113
DomainConstruction Planning Monitoring and Project ManagementCUCP211046616
Study of Drawings and PlanCUCP21100202
Project Scheduling &ManagementCUCP21110202
Site Study And Study on Contract LawsCUCP21120202
Concepts Of Quality Control and CheckingCUCP21130202
Quantity Estimation and Equipment ManagementCUCP21140202
Site Supervision ProjectCUCP21150066
DomainArchitectural and Structural DesignSDCU2120015520
Critical Thinking and Presenting it with Digital PlatformCUSD21200303
Scope to Enrich by Exposing them to BIM ModellingCUSD21210505
Design and Failure Analysis of StructureCUSD21220505
Amalgamation of Architecture and Civil Requirements using Generative AppsCUSD21230202
DomainComposite Design and ManufacturingCDCU2130612624
Introduction to compositesCUCD21302002
Composite materials and characterization techniquesCUCD21310202
CATIA-Composites DesignCUCD21320404
Composite Product Validation; Simulia (Abaqus FEA)CUCD21330404
Machineries and Technologies used for Manufacturing of CompositesCUCD21342002
Quality control and Fabrication of Composite StructureCUCD21352204
Design Thinking and Managing Innovation Through GATE ProcessCUGM21401203
PLM Tools on Dassault PlatformCUGM21412608
Process Management ( Using Enovia )CUGM21421203
Product DevelopmentCUGM21430088
DomainManufacturing (Conventional, CNC and Additive)CMCU2150216826
Manufacturing Requirements and PlanningCUCM21502002
Conventional Machining for Cylindrical and Prismatic Shape ComponentsCUCM21510426
CNC MachiningCUCM21520628
Non-Traditional Machining and 3D PrintingCUCM21530224
Wood EngineeringCUCM21540202
DomainWelding and InspectionWICU216088622
Joining Processes and TechnologyCUWI21602226
Metal Transfer and Weld MetallurgyCUWI21612204
Design of Welded JointsCUWI21622226
Testing of Welded JointsCUWI21632226
DomainAutomobile EngineeringAECU2170771024
Introduction to Automobile EngineeringCUAE21702103
Subsystems of AutomobileCUAE21713205
Electric VehiclesCUAE21722103
Maintenance of AutomobileCUAE21730303
DomainComputational Fluid DynamicsCFCU218028818
Introduction to CFDCUCF21802013
Grid GenerationCUCF21810202
Flow Solver Techniques-SimuliaCUCF21820213
Simulation and ValidationCUCF21830404
Industry Specific Project and/or InternshipCUCF21840066
DomainRenewable Energy ApplicationsRECU2190481022
Materials for Renewable Energy applicationsCURE21901102
Renewable Energy Technology for Industrial ProcessCURE21911203
Micro-grid Design & ImplementationCURE21920202
Hybrid Renewable Energy SystemsCURE21931203
Solar Off-grid EntrepreneurCURE21941102
DomainData Analytics- VisualisationDACU2200014620
Story Telling Using VisualisationCUDA22000202
and Data RequirementsCUDA22010404
Python Libraries: PandasCUDA22020303
Visualisation With Matplotlib,CUDA22030224
Plotly and SeabornCUDA22040303
Interactive Data Visualisation with BokehCUDA22050044
DomainBusiness AnalyticsBACU2210012618
Business analytics through ExcelCUBA22110404
Google analyticsCUBA22120404
DomainSmart Farm MachineryFMCU2220691328
Product Development BriefCUFM22200112
Sensor, Actuators and Robot Operating SystemsCUFM22212204
Farm Machinery DesignCUFM22222013
Piloting a DroneCUFM22231203
PLM using Dassault ToolsCUFM22241203
Testing of Farm MachineryCUFM22250213
Product Development ProjectCUFM2226001010
DomainOrganic FarmingOFCU22303151129
Organic FarmingCUOF22301203
Certification and Inspection Systems in Organic Farming in India.CUOF22311203
Biopesticides and BiofertilizersCUOF22321203
Organic Production- Field CropsCUOF22330303
Organic Production- Horticultural CropsCUOF22340303
Biofertilizer and Biopesticide Production TechnologyCUOF22350303
AELP ProjectCUOF2236001111
DomainDairy Processing and DevelopmentDPCU22403151028
Milk Processing in Dairy IndustryCUDP22401203
Dairy Starters in Fermented Milk ProductsCUDP22411203
Quality Assurance in Dairy IndustryCUDP22421203
Dairy Products DevelopmentCUDP22430303
Synbiotic Dairy FoodsCUDP22440303
Quality Analysis of Milk and Milk ProductsCUDP22450303
Project & Industrial InternshipCUDP2246001010
DomainIntensive AquacultureAQCU22503151129
Intensive Fish RearingCUAQ22501203
Ornamental Fish FarmingCUAQ22511203
Biofloc AquacultureCUAQ22521203
Framing of SOPs for Intensive Fish Culture and Ornamental Fish CultureCUAQ22530303
Health Management in AquacultureCUAQ22540303
Feed Management in AquacultureCUAQ22550303
Aquaculture RearingCUAQ2256001111
DomainSeed Production using Manual and Molecular MethodsSPCU22603151129
Breeding methods: Conventional and Molecular ApproachCUSP22601203
Seed Production of Vegetable and Cereals CropsCUSP22611203
Seed CertificationCUSP22621203
Hybridization TechniquesCUSP22630303
Vegetable Seed ProductionCUSP22640303
Cultivar Purity and Seed Quality TestingCUSP22650303
AELP ProjectCUSP2266001111
DomainGenetic Engineering & GenomicsGECU22703151129
Computational BiologyCUGE22701203
Genetic Engineering and its applicationsCUGE22711203
Plant Molecular BiologyCUGE22721203
Molecular GenomicsCUGE22730303
Plant Tissue Culture TechnologiesCUGE22740303
Techniques in Molecular BiologyCUGE22750303
AELP ProjectCUGE2276001111
Introduction to NutraceuticalCUNU22801203
Functional FoodCUNU22811203
Development of Personalized Food and MedicineCUNU22830123
Development of Biopesticides and BiofertilizersCUNU22840123
Development of Immune BoostersCUNU22850123
AELP ProjectCUNU2286001111
DomainSMART AgricultureAGCU22903151129
Applied Hi-tech HorticultureCUAG22901203
Protected Cultivation of Vegetable CropsCUAG22911203
High-tech Fruit CultureCUAG22921203
Management of High-value Cut-flowersCUAG22930303
Management of Crops in HydroponicsCUAG22940303
Use of Smart Tools for Precision Crop ManagementCUAG22950303
AELP ProjectCUAG2296001111
DomainProtected HorticulturePHCU23003151129
Applied Hi-tech HorticultureCUPH23001203
Protected Cultivation of Vegetable CropsCUPH23011203
High Tech Fruit CultureCUPH23021203
Production Technology of Cut Fowers & Loose FowersCUPH23030303
Protected FloricultureCUPH23040303
Production Management of Medicinal and Aromatic CropsCUPH23050303
AELP DomainCUPH2306001111
DomainFood ProcessingFPCU23103151129
Processing Technology of Cereals and MilletsCUFP23101203
Processing Technology of Legumes and OilseedsCUFP23111203
Processing Technology of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and CondimentsCUFP23121203
Product Development and Packaging TechnologiesCUFP23130303
Food Standards and Regulations and HACCP SystemsCUFP23140303
Sensory Evaluation and Nutritional Labelling of FoodsCUFP23150303
AELP ProjectCUFP2316001111
DomainAgri Business ManagementABCU2320202123
Agri Food Markets and Value Chain AnalysisCUAB23201023
Agri Input MarketingCUAB23211023
Rural Haat and Market AnalysisCUAB23220022
Community Owned and Managed Agri BusinessesCUAB23230022
Agri Warehouse ManagementCUAB23240022
Sales and Distribution of Agrifood ProductsCUAB2325001111
DomainCommodity and Food StorageFSCU23303151129
Storage EntomologyCUFS23301203
Seed PathologyCUFS23311203
Post-harvest Biochemistry and Physiology of CropsCUFS23321203
Recent Trends inPost-harvest TechnologyCUFS23330303
Pest Management Techniques in StorageCUFS23340303
Post-harvest Storage of Fruits and VegetablesCUFS23350303
AELP ProjectCUFS2336001111
DomainSoil and Water Conservation through WatershedSWCU23404111328
Rainwater Harvesting and Artificial RechargeCUSW23401203
Integrated Watershed ManagementCUSW23412103
Sustainable WatershedCUSW23421203
R programming in Watershed HydrologyCUSW23430213
Modelling and Simulation of Watershed ProcessesCUSW23440213
Geo-spatial Application in Watershed ManagementCUSW23450213
Industrial InternshipCUSW2346001010
Apparel Production & MarketingCUTM30290314
Line Stitching SupervisingCUTM30300314
Apparel ProductionCUTM30310314
Light Motor Vehicle DrivingCUTM30320314
Fork Lift OperationCUTM30330314
Heavy Vehicle TechnologyCUTM30340314
Two Wheeler Service TechnologyCUTM30350314
Four Wheeler Service TechnologyCUTM30360314
E-Vehicle Assembly and Service TechnologyCUTM30370314
CNC MachinistCUTM30390314
CNC Programming (CAM)CUTM30400314
Design Supervising Wooden and Modular FurnitureCUTM30410314
Introduction to Composite ManufacturingCUTM30420314
3D Modelling and PrintingCUTM30430314
Precast Concrete ManufacturingCUTM30450314
Hi-Tech SurveyingCUTM30470314
Internet of ThingsCUTM30480314
Mechatronics System DesignCUTM30490314
Plant/Drug Research using BioviaCUTM30500314
Introduction to NanotechnologyCUTM30510314
Drone PilotingCUTM30520314
Camera OperationCUTM30530314
Desktop PublishingCUTM30550314
Introduction to Blender and Unity toolsCUTM30560314
Refraction TechnologyCUTM30570314
Emergency Medical TechnicnologyCUTM30580314
Medical Lab TechnologyCUTM30590314
Operating Theatre TechnologyCUTM30600314
Radiology TechnologyCUTM30610314
Phlebotomy TechnologyCUTM30620314
First Aid ServiceCUTM30630314
General Duty Assistance ServiceCUTM30640314
X- ray TechnologyCUTM30650314
Wantrepreneur to EntrepreneurCUTM30660314
Retail SalesCUTM30670314
Gym FitnessCUTM30690314
Beauty TherapyCUTM30710314
Yoga & MeditationCUTM30720314
Solar PV InstallationCUTM30730314
Solar Lighting TechnologyCUTM30740314
Microgrid Design and ImplementationCUTM30760314
Solar Driven Equipment AssemblyCUTM30770314
Solar Thermal EngineeringCUTM30780314
Introduction to Quantum ComputingCUTM30790314
Introcution to Highperformace ComputingCUTM30800314
Organic FarmingCUTM30810314
Mushroom FarmingCUTM30820314
Hydrophonics TechnologyCUTM30830314
Poultry FarmingCUTM30840314
Dairy FarmingCUTM30850314
Vermicomposting FarmingCUTM30860314
Transformer Manufacturing, Repairing and MaintenanceCUTM30870314
CCTV InstalltionCUTM30880314
Electrical InstallationCUTM30890314
Repair and Maintainance of Home ApplianacesCUTM30900314
Refrigeration and air conditioningCUTM30910314
Super critical Co2 plant operationCUTM30920314
Seed production - PaddyCUTM30930314
Paddy Processing and marketingCUTM30940314
Business Plan PreparationCUTM30950314
Dairy Plant operationCUTM30960314
Fruit processing with dryersCUTM30970314
Composite fabrication practiceCUTM30980314
Powder coating practiceCUTM30990314
Farm appliances operation( tractor, harvester and transplanter)CUTM31000314
Sewage Treatment plant operationCUTM31010314
Solid Waste managementCUTM31020314
Bio fertilisers preparationCUTM31030314
PCB designing & fabricationCUTM31040314
Introduction to Block Chain TechnologyCUTM31050314
Introduction to NutraceuticalsCUTM31060314
Introduction to NLPCUTM31070314
Introduction to Computational BiologyCUTM31080314
Product Life Cycle Management through Gate processCUTM31090314
New material development with BioviaCUTM31100314
Spectral image processing using PythonCUTM31110314
Satellite data processingCUTM31120314
Working with Graphene and carbon fibreCUTM31130314
Adobe Tools and IllustrationsCUTM31140314
Digital PaintingCUTM31150314
Advanced GISCUTM12601214
Eligibility Criteria
For National Students
  • 10+2 (physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology) 50%
  • CUEE (Online Test) Followed by Personal Interview
  • JEE All India Rank upto 3 Lakh
  • CUEE All India Rank upto 50 000
For International StudentsThe eligibility criteria for all programs for international applicants is minimum 50% in the qualifying examination and having studied the pre-requisite subjects for admission in to the desired program.
Career path you can choose after the course
  • Agricultural extension agent.
  • Agricultural journalist.
  • Agricultural loan officer or financial consultant.
  • Breed association representative.
  • Dairy cattle classifier.
  • Dairy herd manager/owner.
  • Dairy records association manager.
  • Extension youth specialist.

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