Master of Agriculture Science In Plant Pathology, New Program

Master of Agriculture Science In Plant Pathology, New Program

  • Program Code

  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    2 Years

About the Programme
MSc. Plant Pathology aims at providing advance knowledge and skill in solving plant disease related problems. The department of plant pathology at M.S. Swaminathan School of Agriculture is well equipped with infrastructure that will provide students expertize and hands-on training to carry out laboratory experiments related to identification and morphological and biochemical characterization of plant pathogens, host pathogen interaction studies, disease management experiments, plant disease epidemiological work, etc. The department also houses specialized laboratories working on bio fertilizers, bio pesticides and commercial mushroom spawn production which will provide exposure to students in advanced research in related fields.
Course Fee
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Course Code
Course title
Credit hours
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Major Courses
PATH0501* Mycology 2+1 5
PATH0502* Plant Virology 2+1 6
PATH0503* Plant Pathogenic Prokaryotes 2+1 7
PATH0504* Plant Nematology 2+1 8
PATH0505* Principles of Plant Pathology 2+1 9
PATH0506* Techniques in Detection and Diagnosis of Plant Diseases 0+2 10
PATH0507 Principles of Plant Disease Management 2+1 11
PATH0508 Epidemiology and Forecasting of Plant Diseases 1+0 12
PATH0509 Disease Resistance in Plants 2+0 13
PATH0510 Ecology of Soil-Borne Plant Pathogens 1+1 13
PATH0511 Chemicals and Botanicals in Plant Disease Management 2+1 14
PATH0512 Detection and Management of Seed Borne Pathogens 2+1 15
PATH0513 Biological Control of Plant Diseases 1+1 16
PATH0514 Integrated Disease Management 2+1 17
PATH0515* Diseases Of Field and Medicinal Crops 2+1 18
PATH0516 Diseases Of Fruits, Plantation and Ornamental Crops 2+1 19
PATH0517 Diseases of Vegetable and Spices Crops 2+1 19
PATH0518 Post-Harvest Diseases 2+1 20
PATH0519 Plant Quarantine and Regulatory Measures 1+0 21
PATH0591 Master’s Seminar 0+1 -
PATH0521 Master’s Research 0+30 -
Minor Courses
ENTO0504 Insect Ecology 2+1 22
ENTO0505 Biological Control of Insect Pests and Weeds 2+1 24
ENTO0507 Host Plant Resistance 1 + 1 25
ENTO0508 Concept of Integrated Pest Management 2+0 26
ENTO0509 Pests of Field Crops 2+0 27
ENTO0510 Pests of Horticultural and Plantation Crops 2+1 28
Supporting Courses
STAT0511 Experimental Designs 2+1 28
MMBB0505 Techniques in Molecular Biology -II 0+3 29
STAT0502 Statistical Methods for Applied Sciences 3+1 30
STAT0531 Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages 2+1 31
MMCA0512 Information Technology in Agriculture 1+1 33
Common Courses
PGSS0501 Library and Information Services 0+1 35
PGSS0502 Technical Writing and Communications Skills 0+1 35
PGSS0503 Intellectual Property and its Management in Agriculture 1+0 36
PGSS0504 Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques 0+1 36
PGSS0505 Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes 1+0 37
Eligibility Criteria
B.Sc. Agriculture with OGPA of 6.0 (5.5 for SC & ST candidates) from any recognized University.
Career path you can choose after the course
Postgraduate in plant pathology is eligible for the posts of Agriculture Research Scientist under ICAR, Asst. Professor in central/state agricultural universities, and subject matter specialist in Krishi Vigyan Kendras and also get exciting offers from various multinational companies as scientists or marketing experts.

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