Master of Science in New Materials

Master of Science in New Materials

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    Post Graduate

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About the Programme

This course of two years, M.Sc. in ‘New Materials’ provides recent advances of materials from atomic (nano materials) to macro (composites) scale.Nanotechnology deals with matters at atomic, molecular and supramolecular level. Composite materials are multi-phase materials obtained by artificial combination of different materials, so as to attain properties that the individual components by themselves cannot attain. The students will have a broad vision of composite, nano technology and emerging materials as well as their industrial applications not only through theoretical understanding but also by hands on training and industrial exposure.Students will learn about the various mainstream manufacturing methods; develop a strong understanding of the role of constituents in overall response of the material, and finally apply these concepts to design and analyze a new material to meet desired properties. The course will develop the skills of students needed for the design, manufacture and analysis of the materials. This course on “New Materials” will also provide a platform for design, simulation and optimization of materials by state-of-art software such as, BIOVIA, CATIA, SIMULIA etc.The main objective of this course is to provide students a unique and multidisciplinary learning experience that will foster the young minds to become industry-ready and develop as researcher, entrepreneur etc.

Course Fee
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Eligibility Criteria
Minimum 50% marks at Graduation level in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, B.Tech.(Mechanical, Metallurgy, Chemical & Ceramic Engineering)
Career path you can choose after the course
They will be eligible for various technical positions in industries and research centers. There will always be options for students to pursue higher studies in reputed Indian and Foreign universities related to composites and nanotechnology. As per the current demand of Materials Science, composites and nanotechnology in almost all fields and various disciplines of science and engineering, this course will provide carrier opportunities to be a professional in various R&D sectors as well as a Technician, Researcher, Scientist and Engineer in world leading institutes and industries. Moreover, a specialization in “New Materials” is expected to open a multitude opportunity for the graduates to opt an exciting and global career in academics, research and industries. Various Indian companies like Mechem, Nanowings are expected to collaborate with our skilled students.

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