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School of Law, Centurion University is a leading private educational institution located in the state of Odisha, India. It offers B.A.(Hons.) LL.B., BBA. (Hons.) LL.B. – 5 Year Integrated Degree Courses and Ph.D. in Law. The University has several campuses spread across the state, each with its own unique features and facilities.

The campus of Centurion University is located in the town of Jatni, in the Khordha district of Odisha. This campus is spread over 45 acres of land, with state-of-the-art facilities that cater to a wide range of academic and research needs. The campus is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a serene and peaceful environment that is conducive to learning.

The campus is equipped with modern classrooms, well-stocked libraries, and advanced laboratories, providing students with a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. The university also has several sports facilities, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and tennis and basketball courts, to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among students.

Centurion University’s main campus is also home to several student clubs and organizations, providing students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and pursue their interests outside the classroom. The campus also has a student center, where students can relax, socialize, and enjoy a variety of amenities, including a cafeteria, bookstore, and recreational areas.

Overall, the Centurion University campus is a vibrant and dynamic community that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and community engagement. The campus is designed to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for successful careers and lifelong learning.


  1. Classrooms

The classrooms are well equipped with smart boards, projectors and modern infrastructure to make learning smooth & enjoyable. The classrooms are shaped in galleries so that students can learn and engage with the faculties in the best possible way.

  1. Library

A technologically equipped library with diverse law textbooks , reference books and varied journals like AIR, SCC, OLR , Indian Bar Review , CrLJ and many more, for academic and research purposes. A digital library with access to comprehensive e-resources like Manupatra , JSTOR, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, SCC Online for smooth and efficient research activities , is also well developed.

  1. Computer Lab

The modern computer lab is to assist students to enrich the horizons of their knowledge.

  1. Moot Court

Our hall is designed specifically for legal competitions, with a spacious courtroom-style layout complete with a judge’s bench, witness stand, and jury box. The room also features high-tech audiovisual equipment, including a large projection screen and top-of-the-line sound system, ensuring that all participants can clearly hear and see each other during the competition.

Our moot court hall is not only equipped with the latest technology, but it is also designed with comfort in mind. The room is air-conditioned and well-lit, with comfortable seating for all participants. Our facility is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for all participants and attendees.

In addition to hosting moot court competitions, our hall is also available for mock trials, training sessions, and other legal events. Our experienced staff is on hand to assist with event planning, set up, and technical support, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

  1. Legal Aid Cell

Legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we strive to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. We offer students a range of skill based services, where we offer legal advice, representation, and document preparation, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and prepare them for the real world.

At our legal aid cell, we believe that everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why the students along with the faculties  work tirelessly to ensure that all members of our community have equal access to justice.

  1. Hostel

Centurion University provides hostel facilities for its students, with several amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient living experience. Here are some of the amenities available at the university’s hostels:

  • Accommodation: The hostels offer single, double, and triple occupancy rooms, with separate facilities for male and female students. The rooms are spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with basic furniture such as a bed, study table, chair, and wardrobe.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: The university’s hostels have Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the premises, allowing students to stay connected with their studies and loved ones.
  • Dining: The hostels have a mess facility that serves nutritious and hygienic meals to students. The menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.
  • Recreation: The hostels have common rooms where students can relax, socialize, and engage in recreational activities. The common rooms are equipped with televisions, indoor games, and reading material.
  • Security: The hostels have 24×7 security personnel and CCTV cameras to ensure safety and security of the students.

Laundry: The hostels have laundry facilities that allow students to get their clothes washed and ironed.

  • Housekeeping: The hostels have dedicated housekeeping staff who ensure that the premises are kept clean and hygienic at all times.

Overall, the hostel facilities at Centurion University are designed to provide students with a comfortable and safe living environment that fosters learning and personal growth.


  • To provide students with a comprehensive legal education and training which involves imparting knowledge of legal principles, theories, and concepts, as well as developing analytical, research, and problem-solving skills necessary for the practice of law.
  • Aim to cultivate professional skills and ethical values among students. 
  • To foster qualities such as integrity, professionalism, responsibility, and respect for the rule of law. Students are encouraged to develop effective communication, advocacy, and negotiation skills.
  • To emphasize the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. Students are taught to read, interpret, and analyze legal texts, case law, statutes, and other legal materials. They learn how to construct legal arguments, apply legal reasoning, and evaluate different perspectives on legal issues.
  • To teach students regarding conduct of effective legal research and produce well-written legal documents. Students learn how to find and evaluate legal sources, cite relevant authorities, and present their arguments in a clear and persuasive manner.
  • To provide opportunities for students to build professional networks and gain practical experience. This may involve connecting students with alumni, organizing networking events, facilitating internships, and offering clinical programs where students can work on real cases under the supervision of experienced lawyers.
  • Specialized programs on Maritime Law which will allow students to delve deeper into the areas of interest and gain specialized knowledge and skills.

Key Highlights

  • 100% support for placements through counseling and training on verbal/written communication, logical/analytical reasoning and quantitative aptitude along with personal interview and group discussions.
  • Opportunity to do industrial internships as well as work in industry class on-campus.
  • Strong industry linkages with frequent interactions with leading academicians and professionals.
  • Specialized programs and concentrations.
  • Preparation for bar exams and legal practice.
Bar Council of India Approved

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