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School of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

B.V.Sc.& A.H. Overview:

Animal Husbandry and Dairying sector in India is gaining much importance among the farming community and private live stock based industries. Due to increasing demand for livestock products like milk, meat and eggs and other nonfood products like wool, leather and hides etc., many of the new entrepreneurs are entering the livestock for their livelihood and better profits, besides the farmers already engaged in this sector.

At present situation, there are a lot of Employment opportunities in the State and Central Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy cooperatives, Private dairy, Poultry, Meat, Feed and Veterinary pharmaceutical industries, Private Veterinary Hospitals in cities, Animal shelter house, Blue Cross NGOs, Animal Birth control centers, special Veterinary Officers in Banks & Insurance companies, Government Research centers, Extension and Development Organizations, Civil services etc.. There is a need to enhance the availability of qualified veterinarians. Hence, Centurion University of Technology and Management started School of Veterinary and Animal Sciences to meet the demand of qualified veterinarians in different Government and private sectors.

Outcome of B.V.Sc.&A.H. course:

Qualified skilled Veterinarians can be produced so as to provide the skilled and competent manpower to state and central Government Animal Husbandry Department, institutions private dairy, poultry, animal feed, meat and pharmaceutical industries and research organizations.

The qualified veterinarians can take up research on emerging diseases in livestock and poultry and transfer of technology to the farmers for increasing milk, meat and egg production. It results income generation, quality food and nutritional security in India.

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