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Aquatic Animal Health Management Laboratory

Aquatic Animal Health Management (AAHM) Action Learning Laboratory provides students with hands-on training in aquatic animal health and its management. The AAHM lab is equipped with all the basic necessities for conducting microbiological and immunological research.

Aims: To impart practical knowledge to the students through experiential learning in the diagnosis, prevention and mitigation of fish and shellfish diseases


  1. To impart knowledge and hands-on training on the basic principles of microbiology
  2. To understand the gross and clinical signs of different fish and shellfish diseases
  3. To understand different fish disease diagnostic techniques
  4. To formulate prophylactic and therapeutic strategies for pathogenic diseases
  5. To carry out research on common microbial, nutritional and environmental diseases associated with fish and shellfish
  6. To conduct trainings and awareness pro- gram for the fish farmers
  7. To disseminate information regarding the emerging diseases in aquaculture


Students will get:

  1. Familiar with the basic microbiological tools and techniques employed for fish disease diagnosis
  2. Trained by ‘learning by doing approach” to gain insights in fish pathology and disease diagnosis
  3. Learn to spread awareness regarding disease risks, health management in aquaculture through field surveys and farmer-student interactions
  4. Understanding of different microbiological diseases of fish and shellfish

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