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Fisheries Navigation and Engineering

The main objectives of this lab are to undertake teaching, research and extension in the field of Fish navigation.


  1. To give engineering inputs to the Fisheries sector
  2. To create the human resource in the field of Fisheries Engineering
  3. To undertake research programs in the field of Fisheries Engineering
  4. To impart knowledge to undergraduates on the basic concepts of Aquaculture Engineer- ing and Fundamental engineering.
  5. To demonstrate various equipment or technologies developed in the department to various stakeholders.



  1. Necessity of Refrigeration and Airconditioning in the present scenario
  2. Basic principles of surveying and importance of site selection for aquafarm
  3. Boat deck layout and layout of marine engine and propulsion system
  4. Basic concepts and different types of navigation and seamanship
  5. Different types of fishing craft and gears


Caters to

Bachelor of Fisheries Science (BFSc.), MSc Zoology