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Media Resource Center

The University established a Media research Centre in 2015. The media department is equipped with various post production equipment and high end cameras with lights and sound.


To enable students to get both basic and in-depth understanding of camera, lights, sound, and post production work.


The students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Operate on both still and video camera
  2. Learn how to edit and create graphic design.
  3. Learn 3D animation and game design
  4. Make documentary films and short stories
  5. Create content for Youtube and other social media platforms


  1. Develop skills to create content
  2. Develop skills to work in regional and national News channels
  3. Learn professional editing
  4. Learn sound engineering
  5. Learn graphic designing
  6. Learn how to create visual effects (VFX)
  7. Develop various skills and techniques for different professions such as game artist, animator, film-maker, story-developer, voice over artist, etc.

Caters to

This facility caters to students of Media and Communication which includes both under-graduation as well as post-graduation courses, Skills for Success (SFS), Domain Courses, Diploma, and World Skills participants. It also serves as a state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

Market Linkages

The MRC studio aims to encourage entrepreneurship and produce professionals who excel in various fields such as camera, sound, light, VFX and more so that they can achieve self-reliance as well as generate employment.