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Physiotherapy Laboratory

The University has established an action learning laboratory for Physiotherapy techniques. It consists of the most up-to-date equipment’s such as LASER, traction unit, High Frequency Modalities (Short Wave Diathermy, Long Wave Diathermy, Therapeutic Ultrasound), Medium Frequency Modalities (Inferential Therapy), Low Frequency Modalities (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), muscle stimulator, exercise therapy unit, suspension therapy unit for patient rehabilitation.

Aim of the action learning laboratory

To enable students to gain basic, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Physiotherapy equipment pertaining to patient- assessment, evaluation, treatment planning and execution.



To provide hands on knowledge, experiential learning and practice linked pedagogy on the following:

  1. Learning of working principle of the physiotherapy equipment’s
  2. Understanding physiological and bio- mechanical alteration of the body’s mechanical structures with respect to conditions



  1. Diagnose, evaluate and treat Musculo skeletal abnormalities
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of neurological abnormalities from infant to geriatric stage
  3. Diagnose and treat Cardio Thoracic conditions
  4. Diagnose, evaluate and treat sports related rehabilitation
  5. Enhancing Employability and Entrepreneurship


Caters to

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Skills for Success (SFS).

The students will be able to carry out pertinent clinical evaluations and design patient management plans for electrotherapy and activity therapy.

Market Linkages

The cardinal goal of the learning laboratory is endowing students with required skills and competencies to improve a patient’s mobility, function, and overall well-being. The objective is to improve the patient’s physical health, quality of life, and general wellness. The laboratory