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Polyhouse Automation for Agriculture using IOT

The introduction of polyhouse farming is made in response to the expanding market demand for high-value flowers and vegetables. Exotic and valuable crops can be grown in polyhouses under controlled environmental conditions. Certain high-value flowers and vegetables cannot be cultivated under open field conditions in the tropical climate. They require a partially controlled environment that can be provided in the polyhouse.

Unique Features

  1. Reduces the size of the pump
  2. Improves the efficiency of water delivery from the pump
  3. Saves energy and water compared to traditional systems
  4. Increases the life of the pump.
  5. Sets water supply limits based on type of usage, crop, and quality of water.
  6. Provides real time access to sensor and actuation data at the fingertips.
  7. Enables ‘anywhere anytime’ fingertip access to data and control actions on the mobile devices.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Monitor year-round of different climatic parameters i.e. temperature, relative humidity, light intensity
  2. Monitor soil related parameters i.e., soil temperature, soil pH, EC etc
  3. Water management through overhead (fogging) and root zone (dripping, flow table) control
  4. Fertigation control
  5. Monitor climate parameter as per crop requirement
  6. Record climate parameters history
  7. Ensure higher yield
  8. Practise crop diversification.
  9. Off-season & assured production
  10. Reduce diseases and pest attack
  11. Employment generation



  1. Protects the crops from wind, rain, radiation, precipitation, and other climatic factors.
  2. Creates microclimate surrounding the crops that help in maximum growth regarding production and quality.
  3. Yields maximum profit in a minimum area under cultivation.
  4. Reduce the number of manual activities, dependency on labour and overall labour cost.
  5. Year-round cultivation (including off-seasons).
  6. Produces a higher yield of high-quality crops.
  7. Polyhouse automation IOT
  8. Solar lighting
  9. Solar inverter operation
  10. Solar thermal

Caters to

This facility caters to students of Engineering, Agriculture as well as Vocational education. This includes Domain Courses (under-graduation and post-graduation courses), Skills for Success (SFS), Diploma and World Skills participants. It also serves as a state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

Market Linkages

The facility promotes entrepreneurship by offering training in effective, efficient and innovative practices in the industry. It also conducts workshops for farmers to learn about polyhouse automation and hydroponics.