Alleviating Student and Staff Hunger  Centurion University of Technology and Management is committed to tackling the prevalent issue of hunger among its student and staff population by providing cost-effective meal options at the Central Mess facility. In order to promote equitable practices, the institution has implemented a Price Fixation Committee tasked with establishing and supervising the pricing of food products. The fundamental objective is to mitigate the excessive pursuit of profit and foster a fair environment characterized by appropriate pricing. Besides this Community Meals play a crucial role in alleviating student hunger by providing access to nutritious meals. These gatherings bring together students who may be facing food insecurity. Community Meals held during the Annual Fest and Graduation Ceremony held every year. The attendees of these events are students along with their patents and staff. Besides these days Community Meals are served during special occasions like Techfests, Orientation Day and Freshers Day. In the year 2022, the Annual Fest (Gajajyoti) 12567 people (Staff, parents and students) were served lunch and dinner for 3 consecutive days. Similarly, 2022, graduation ceremony was attended 7400 (students and staff and parents). Other events also host a significant number of participants like a Hackathon in 2022 had hosted 4500 community meals.