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School of Agriculture & Bio-Engineering

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School of Agriculture & Bio-Engineering

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering opens the scope for students to work in various areas including Farm Machinery, Soil and Water Conservation, Food Processing, Dairy Technology, Smart Agriculture, and so on. Students learn the design and operation of different farm machineries and implements like plough, seed drill, harvester, thresher, etc. The application of engineering in solving water management issues using advanced tools like ArcGIS, SWAT, and HEC-RAS, is taught. Students gain insight into the engineering aspects of food equipment design and processing, while getting hands-on experience in different food processing/preservation methods like freeze-drying, extraction, and value-added product development. It is mandatory for students to undergo training in smart agriculture and other specialized domains. They also get to do internships in various training institutes such as CFMTTI, CIPHET, IISWC, etc.


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