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School of Fisheries


The school supports students in developing their competency in Water Quality Management, Fish Health Management, Feed Management, Aquatic Environmental Management, and Fish Processing Technology, through skill-based learning. It has dedicated units such as 21 fishponds, fish feed mill, Biofloc unit, ornamental unit, aquaponic unit, Chinese circular hatcheries, fish processing unit, RAS system and dedicated laboratories. Students get hands-on practices for navigating trawlers, net webbing and repairing, preparation of value-added fish products, through various academic partners such as ICAR-CIFA, ICAR-CIWA, ICAR-CMFRI, NIPHATT, ICAR-CIFT, Growel Feeds, Tata Rallies, and many other fisheries institutes and companies. The school is also committed to use IoTs for developing smart intensive aquaculture for commercial production of fishes in earthen and RAS Units. In order to develop entrepreneurial skills among its peers, it has also developed two domain courses (Intensive Aquaculture and Fish Processing Technology) where students practice the methodologies adopted in aqua/processing industries.



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