The university teaches smart civil engineering practices, and it has completely revised its content by making 3D modelling with CAD tools, Rivet, and other software. Well-versed in the latest Survey Tools and

Equipment like Total Station, DGPS and GPR, students learn satellite and aerial based surveying that includes LiDAR survey as well as satellite image processing. The construction management includes project management,

and it is aligned with NSQF Level-6 curriculum for the profession. Students get to design and plan construction projects, and they are familiarised with Smart City Planning, BIM modelling up to LoD 5. They also learn solid and

sewage treatment as part of environmental engineering, and modern facade making using CATIA xGenerative Design app of Dassault Systémes


Course Overview

With this specialization, students learn about smart cities within the context of urban infrastructure management. The introduction of smart urban technologies into legacy infrastructures has resulted in numerous

challenges and opportunities for contemporary cities and will continue to do so. Equipped with Dassault tools, students are enabled to build digitaltwins of cities/towns using OSM and drone based arial survey maps. appreciating the challenges of optimising smart city planning in legacy environments, they also learn to simulate shading analysis, flood analysis, seismic analysis on 3D models. With the opportunity to work on

challenging real-time projects, using point cloud data and converting it into 3D LOD 3 maps, students have excelled in remodelling and simulation of Amravati City in Andhra Pradesh and Jaipur Smart City.


Four years

Scope/Job Opportunity

  • Planning Engineer l Site Engineer
  • Project Engineer l Quality Control Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • City and Town Planning Model
  • Survey Engineer

Eligibility Criteria

  • 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) 50% and
  • 5% relaxation for reserved category
  • Centurion University Entrance Exam
  • (CUEE) Score

Scope/Job Opportunity

  • SMART City Planner
  • 3D Modeler
  • Engineering Consultant

    Course Overview

    Having access to the latest survey equipment like Total Station, DGPS and GPR, students learn satellite and aerial based surveying, which includes LiDAR survey as well as satellite image processing. In construction,

    management students get to plan, optimize, and implement a construction project. Learning various QC procedures in large infrastructure projects with a mandatory internship in such construction sites, students get to

    design multi-storied structures, bridges, stadiums and other such large infrastructure projects using advanced software tools. Students are familiarised with new state-of-the-art construction materials (including

    composites), and they also learn to waterproof and repair damaged concrete structures using specialty building chemicals.

    Scope/Job Opportunity

    • Survey Engineer
    • Design Engineer
  • Service Engineer