About Department

The department of Livestock farm complex was established in the year 2022 under the School of Veterinary and Animal Sciences of Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM). The department of LFC comprises of various units like cattle & buffalo, sheep & goat, piggery and poultry unit. By keeping  a view about five freedoms, the animals were housing in such a manner. Loose housing system for cattle and buffaloes, semi- intensive system of housing by providing open paddock to sheep and goat, gable type roof with turbo ventilators and rat proofing type of  sheds were setup for poultry. A judging yard for conducting surgeries, casting of animals for live demonstration to students. A hatchery unit for hatching of chicks. The department is fully equipped with all the equipments listed as per Veterinary Council of India (VCI) norms.


  1. To impart teaching, research and extension activities for B.V.Sc. & A.H students.
  2. Aims at serving as a nodal facility for innovative ideas for Livestock development.
  3. To impart practical knowledge on Animal handling, Dairy Farming, Sheep and Goat, Swine, Poultry, Pet, Draught, Wild animals and Laboratory animal production and management.
  4. Extension Programmes related to the improved production and productivity under different systems of management.

Faculty Position

Sl.No. Name of the Employee Designation Gender CUTM Mail ID
1 Dr.Niranjan Barik Professor & Head Male [email protected]
2 Dr.Girish Kumar Mohanty Asst.Professor cum VEO Male [email protected]
3 Dr.Kamidi Prasanthi Asst. Professor Female [email protected]
4 Dr.Pydi Anusha Asst. Professor Female [email protected]
5 Dr.Deepthi Chandaka Asst. Professor Female [email protected]
6 Dr.Srihitha Salur Asst. Professor Female [email protected]
7 Dr. P. Hema Deepthi Asst. Professor Female [email protected]
8 Dr.Robin Tiwari Asst. Professor Male [email protected]



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