Btech in Computer Science Course College in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Centurion University is one of the Top btech in computer science colleges, Odisha, which provides B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering courses with 100% placement support.

About B.Tech Computer Science Department:

Computer Science and Engineering is a more sought degree with a wide scope for employment, research and entrepreneurship. The Department of CSE, the top btech in computer science engineering college, understands the need for ever-changing technology and that the industry looks for trained professionals. CSE graduates have a wider scope to work in IT and IT enable service industry and sectors as Data scientists, Data management experts, Data Security Engineers, Embedded Engineers, Mobile Application Developers, Gaming Technologist, Web Developers and software developers/Quality Assurance/Testing.

CSE department offers B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering which follows Choice Based Curriculum Systems (CBCS) with a domain-focused curriculum that leads to producing technology experts and getting awarded certification from the industry.

The Curriculum of CSE, one of the good computer science colleges, is quite dynamic and it gets updated as and when required with industry support and feedback from Alumni. The department has collaborated with leading industry viz; AWS, IBM, Red Hat, UNITY and Dassault Systems in developing curriculum, course delivery and industry certification. The programme has a structure to undertake multiple projects to enable the learner to gain programming skills and to learn & apply current technology.

The Department of our btech in computer science and engineering also offers M.Tech in Data Analytics that enhances the employability of a graduate for a better career in industry and academics. It also offers Doctoral Programme (PhD) to work on real-time problems. CUTM is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar based on placement records, especially in computer science.


We, the top b tech cse college, develop a spirit of inquiry, the art of thinking, problem-solving and the joy of programming while creating an environment of learning for students to grow into next-generation nation builders who are responsible, fair, happy and inspired citizens.


  • Enable students to seek fulfilling careers in computer science engineering degrees, research, government or as entrepreneurs.
  • Enable alumni to be respected in society for their positive energy, responsible attitude and expertise.
  • Empower faculty to have an impact on society through their contributions and achievements.
  • Create teaching models and a learning bachelor degree in computer science engineering culture which could be emulated by other institutions.
  • Be recognized as the collaborative platform for learning.

Program Educational Objectives of bachelor in computer science engineering:

PEO1: Prepare students to build competency in current technology and its application to meet the industry need for skilled Engineer

PEO2: Provide students with strong foundational concepts and also domain knowledge to pursue research to build solutions or systems of varying complexity to solve the problems identified

PEO3: Enable graduates from our one of the top Bhubaneswar b tech colleges to innovate, bring new ideas and become an entrepreneur

Program Specific Outcomes:

PSO1. Graduates will be able to work on high-end technology in the IT Services industries.

PSO2. Graduates can acquire industry-certified level of competency and work on real-time IT application projects viz; Health/Agriculture/Security/Data Management etc.

PSO3. Graduate can start its own IT service company to provide a technical solution


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science And Engineering

Our four-year BTech CSE undergraduate curriculum emphasizes both academic and practical understanding of advanced software and computer hardware. The curriculum focuses on the design and development of computer hardware and software processes.


Deep learning, machine learning, big data analytics, data visualization, cognitive computing, statistics, and knowledge discovery are all explored in our B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science) degree.


Our Cloud Technology & Cyber Security Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) program helps students to gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to safeguard and secure important data on the cloud. Students will receive training in creating, deploying, and maintaining cloud server applications.

B.Tech. in CSE (AR-VR)

Our university is offering graduate programs in AR/VR specialization (BTech/BCA). Scientific Games have been invited by the university to participate in the curriculum creation process for this specialization.

B.Tech. in CSE (Blockchain Technologies)

Students can gain theoretical understanding of the use of blockchain technology through this curriculum. Our curriculum, which is at the forefront of technological change, is ideally positioned to mold the next wave of experts in the exciting field of block chain.

B.Tech. in CSE (Bio Sciences)

The curriculum offers instruction in genetics, molecular biology, and cooperation, with a focus on communication and collaboration. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Computer Science and Biosciences degree are prepared for positions in the biotech sector.


Computer Science College in Bhubaneswar
AR-VR Students receiving 1st Runner-Up prize of Unity Gaming Hackathon, India 2018 from Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh at Tech 2018, Vizag. This hackathon is organized by Unity, APITA, and UNESCO.
Computer Science College in Bhubaneswar
Centurion University is awarded as Center of Excellency in using Unity in diverse Engineering areas
Computer Science College in Bhubaneswar
Student project selected in IoT Challenge 2020 organized by Aakaar IIT Bombay and i3indyatechnologies.
Computer Science College in Bhubaneswar
Student project selected in Odisha Skill 2019

Academic Achievements:

  • Dr. Sujata Chakravarty also chaired a session in Odisha International Conference on Electrical Power Engineering, Communication and Computing Technology (ODICON-2021), on 9th January 2021.
  • Prof. Raj Kumar Mohanta has AWS Certified as Cloud Practitioner in the month of February 2020. Link
  • Prof. Raj Kumar Mohanta has AWS Certified as Solutions Architect – Associate in the month of March 2020. Link
  • Prof. Raj Kumar Mohanta has AWS Certified as DevOps Engineer – Professional in the month of January 2021. Link
  • Prof. Suvendu Nayak has AWS Certified as a Cloud Practitioner in the month of February 2020. Link

The final year students of the Computer Science & Information Technology Department have published, Four papers under the International Journal of Computing and Technology, in October 2014 Volume 1, Issue 9, ISSN: 2348-6090. The details of the publication are:

  • A New Approach of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks – by D. Bhargav Reddy (110101CSR007 ) and Bitu Kumar (110101ITR011)
  • Improvising Security Issues Using Quantum Cryptography – by Abhishek Pradhan (110101CSR029 ) and Sushree Soujanya Padhi (110101CSR027)
  • Deep Web Technologies – by Sagar Kumar Choudhury (110101CSR023) and Rajesh Kumar Padhi (110101CSR006)
  • Integration of Quantum Cryptography – by Santosh Kumar Das (110101CSR033) and Hari Ram Swamy(110101CSR020)
    Web Address:

Final year students attaining the certification of completion of AWS – Technical Essentials under the Amazon Web Services training and certification program.

Machine Learning domain students have pitched a project, “Automated Elephant Detection System to Desist Uncertain Railway Accidents by Unifying AI and IoT “ which has been selected for the Finale in the National Level IoT Challenge, organized by Aakaar, IIT Mumbai on March 15 – 2020

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Seminars & Workshops:
    1. One day FDP on “ Good Scientific Paper Writing” was held on 12.10.2019 at CIT campus which hosted a special contribution from Dr Sujata Chakravarty ( HoD CSE) was attended by the department faculty.
    2. Dr. Sujata Chakravarty was an invited speaker for a seminar conducted at Utkal University Bhubaneswar on 30th October and 1st November on “Research Methodology and Thesis Writing”.
    3. A one-day workshop on Introduction to CLOUD Computing and its application for 1st year CSE students was organized by Rajkumar Mohanta on 1st Feb 2019.
    4. A Summer Immersion Program was organized for the students exposing them to training on soft skills like mock interviews, resume building, resume formatting, group discussion etc taken by the external trainer Mr. Yogendra Singh.
    5. A one-week faculty development program was attended by Shivani Nanda from 27th May to 1st June on “Problem Solving and Programming in Python” organized by the Computer Science and Engineering department JNTUA, College of Engineering( Autonomous ), Ananthapuramu.
    6. As a short-term capsule industry preparative Technical Training classes were imparted to students on C by Industry Experts Mr. Chakraborty and Mr. Chatterjee.
    7. The department arranged two days of AWS technical essential training for the students ( both 5th and 7th semester) The training was attended by 109(Day 1) and students attributing to the three different campuses of the University.
    8. A workshop was arranged by the department on Web Services Using Advanced JAVA and delivered by the Industry Consultant Mr. P.K.Dikshit.
    9. One of our students Avijit Balabantaray from the final year now currently in the 7th semester participated in the MOST GASE ( Global Affairs and Science Engagement) Summer Program in partial fulfilment of his Summer Internship at National Taiwan Normal University( NTNU ) to work on the eye function of a robot using AI and robotics with processing done through ROSS Operating system.
    10. As an initiative of the Industry exposure Induction programme, the third-year students were introduced to Monoplane and Drone making.
    11. Dr. Sujata Chakravarty attended the meeting on 13th July 2019, IEEE Bhubaneswar Sub-Section Executive Committee meeting at ITR Chandipur.
    12. Dr. Sujata Chakravarty gave a talk on “Application of Machine Learning”, Utkal University Vanivihar, 25th January 2020.
    13. Dr. Sujata Chakravarty chairing a session in International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Advances in Communication ICAC-2019 on 16th November 2019.
    14. The first-year CSE students of the batch 2019-2023 participated in a skit on the occasion of the Teacher’s day celebration in the Jatni Campus.
    15. A 10days workshop on “Image Processing and Machine Learning” was organized from 11th to 20th February 2020 at CUTM, Bhubaneswar campus. 70 faculty members and 2 faculties of different campuses of the University have participated. Resource Person: Dr. Sujata Chakravarty, Manoj Ku Behera, Debasish Das, Department of Computer science & Engg., CUTM.
    16. Dr. Sujata Chakravarty ( HoD CSE) was attended by the department faculty. Dr Sujata Chakravarty on 8th February 2020, IEEE Bhubaneswar Sub-Section AGM meeting at Silicon



The CBCS curriculum provides an opportunity for students to undertake multiple minor projects and a Domain project. All projects follow GATE process from Idea to testing and implementation.
Computer Science in Bhubaneswar
Smart Door Lock and Attendance System Based on Face Recognition
Computer Science in Bhubaneswar
Automated Elephant Detection System to desist uncertain Railway accidents by unifying AI and IoT
Computer Science in Bhubaneswar
Machine Learning Based Eye Health Care System
Computer Science in Bhubaneswar
Title- Money instant Transfer (MINT) Project
Computer Science in Bhubaneswar
Project on designing and hosting of a travel website using AWS Service
Computer Science in Odisha
CT-Scan Visualization using ARVR
Computer Science in Odisha
Designing of Various Machine Parts using ARVR
Computer Science in Odisha
Virtual_Vernier Calliper using ARVR

Research Center

The department has created multidisciplinary research centres for capacity building and conducting research on real-time problems and finding solutions in collaboration with Industry and Research Organisations. It also creates value-based education for students to pursue industry-oriented skills and Domain courses.


Focus Area:

  • Hyperspectral Image Processing
  • Plant Disease detection using Image segmentation based on a Convolutional neural network
  • NLP on Odia Corpora (iNLTK and indic NLP Library)


Focus Area:

  • Developing Software Applications for Financial Institutions/Groups.

Edutech & Skilltech

Focus Area:

  • LMS – Learning Management System
  • ERP
  • AR-VR Application Development
  • Skill-Tech Content Development
  • Web and Digital Publishing


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