The University recognizes that students’ circumstances can vary, and as a result, it offers welfare services to provide financial assistance for tuition and hostel/mess fees, flexible fee payment options, and scholarship opportunities when needed. To schedule an appointment with the Welfare Officer, please contact [email protected] 

Food Support: A substantial portion of our students resides on campus, where access to the mess facility ensures that food insecurity is rarely an issue. Nevertheless, in cases of financial hardship that prevent certain students from accessing mess services, they can reach out to the Welfare Officer at [email protected] To qualify for assistance, students must provide documentary evidence of their hardship.

Scholarships: Internal and External: There are numerous scholarships available to our students, categorized as internal and external. Internal scholarships are offered directly by the University, while external scholarships are provided by various funding agencies, including government and non-government organizations. In the academic year 2022-23, a total of 2,181 students received scholarships, including both full tuition fee waivers and partial waivers. Details of scholarship is referred to 

Legal Aid: Our Legal Service offers free legal advice and referral services, self-funded by the University, and accessible to all current domestic and international students. Qualified lawyers from the School of Law provide support in various areas, including:

  • Employment
  • Tenancy and accommodation
  • Consumer rights
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Traffic offenses