Policy for Good Food

The University’s Good Food Policy is dedicated to promoting sustainable food systems on campus, in line with broader commitments to address the climate crisis and support the Sustainable Development Goals. “Good Food” here means food that is not only delicious and nutritious but also environmentally and socially responsible. This policy covers five key areas: Sourcing, Provision, Practice, Research & Learning, and Leadership & Culture.

In the area of Sourcing, the focus is on adopting environmentally sustainable practices. This includes partnering with local suppliers who adhere to high standards and promoting the use of seasonal ingredients.

Provision emphasizes the availability of healthy and sustainable food options. This encompasses offering choices such as quality meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes, with nutritional information readily accessible.

Practice encourages efficient resource utilization, waste reduction, and fair work practices in the preparation and service of food.

Leadership & Culture seeks to foster transparency and partnerships within the community to ensure food quality and value.

The policy also ensures that food harvested from aquatic ecosystems on campus follows sustainable practices, aligning with the university’s commitment to responsible food sourcing and provision.