The institution has adequate facilities for cultural activities, yoga, games (indoor, outdoor) and sports. (gymnasium, yoga centre, auditorium, etc.)

Centurion University has two campuses in Jatni[Click_Here] and Parlakhemundi[Link] spread over 40 acres and 160 acres respectively. Each of these campuses have XX acres and YY acres of green spaces covered with exotic plants, fruit/flower bearing trees, vine covered pathways and top-notch sports facilities. Both these campuses are surrounded by mountains that provide an ideal backdrop and ambience for sports, yoga and other activities related to well-being.

In order to encourage participation, University has created student clubs based on their interest, formal teams as well as a calendar of events. Appropriate sports kits and uniforms are provided to give students a sense of team identity and spirit [Click_Here]. Students are recognized for participation as well as achievements at various key milestones such as the annual function through certificates, trophies and monetary rewards.

University has also hosted multiple intra/inter University [Link] and national level events in collaboration with entities such as the Orissa Cricket Association [Link] to encourage a spirit of healthy competition and participation in sports.

Finally, to get students started in sports and inculcate health discipline, University offered sports as credit earning skill courses through its Skills for Success Programs. These were [Add Detail]

Facilities for Cultural Activities

  1. Performing Arts:
  2. University has designated multi-purpose rooms [Link] that are used by the students for practicing various arts such as classical dancing, group/choregraphed dancing, singing (group and solo) and competitive debating.
  3. Instruments are provided by the institution to the participants along with support from expert musicians and choreographers [Click_Here].
  4. University’s many open spaces [Click_Here] are also available to students for practicing hobbies such as rangoli, flower decoration, poster making, painting.
  5. University has a mega sized stage (size: 50’X40’, Link) which is used for hosting various cultural functions, performance competitions and similar events.
  6. Green room facilities for boys and girls for preparation of cultural events is also provisioned for during events [Link].
  7. External and Community Events: Students are encouraged to participate in external community eventssuch as traffic week, national events as well as inter college competitions. University has self-owned transport facilities [Click_Here] as well as provides full monetary and coaching support for the same.

Facilities for Sports and Yoga

  1. Both campuseshave sports facilities for outdoor games (professional class cricket ground with turf pitches and practice nets (10 acres [Click_Here], [Click_Here]), multipurpose ground (size [Click_Here]), Tennis Courts [Click_Here], Basketball Courts [Click_Here],Kabbadi Arena[Click_Here], volley ball courts [Click_Here]and Kho Khoarena [Click_Here])
  2. Both campuses have facilities for indoor gamessuch as Badminton, Table-Tennis, Carom, Chess and Scrabble [Click_Here] [ Click_Here ]
  3. Both campuses have a well-equipped indoor and temperature-controlled gymnasium[Click_Here][Link]supervised by qualified gym instructors. Besides this there is also an open-air gymnasium at the Jatnicampus [Click_Here].
  4. University’s Jatni campus has a XX lane, YY meter long and ZZ meter deep swimming pool [Click_Here]
  5. Yoga Center- There is a separate yoga/ prayer hall in the institution. (need more details for his)[ Click_Here ]

Website link:https://test.cutm.ac.in/campus-facilities/campus-facilities/