Australian Consul General Commends Centurion University’s Innovative Approach to Skill Training

Australian Consul General Commends Centurion University’s Innovative Approach to Skill Training

In a significant stride towards fostering bilateral ties in education and skill development, Ms Rowan Ainsworth, the Australian Consul General to India, recently visited Centurion University. Accompanied by Ms Angelina Nair, Senior Research and Visits Officer from the Australian Consulate-General in Kolkata, Ms Ainsworth’s visit aimed to explore collaborative opportunities and strengthen the educational partnership between Australia and India.
Centurion University, known for its innovative and practical approach to education, received high praise from Ms Ainsworth during her exploratory visit. A seasoned diplomat and career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Ms Ainsworth has a distinguished background, including her role as Counsellor (Political) at the Australian Embassy in Paris and her current position as Consul General in Kolkata. Her responsibilities involve supporting Australia’s expanding trade, commercial, and investment interests in several eastern and north-eastern Indian states.

Ms Ainsworth expressed her admiration for Centurion University’s unique methods of education delivery. She commended the institution for its innovative and diversified approach to imparting real-life skills to students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges they will face post-graduation. The Consul General particularly applauded the integration of hands-on skill training and production in every aspect of education, highlighting the university’s commitment to preparing students for entrepreneurship. In a gesture steeped in symbolism and goodwill, Centurion University commemorated the visit of Ms Rowan Ainsworth, the Australian Consul General to India, by planting a Sandalwood tree on its campus grounds. This meaningful act not only serves as a lasting tribute to the visit but also represents a commitment to fostering collaboration, growth, and environmental sustainability.

One notable aspect of Ms Ainsworth’s visit was her recognition of Centurion University’s efforts in short and long-term skill training for Australia’s First Nation students. She lauded the university’s dedication to this cause and expressed hope that the program could evolve into a significant collaboration endeavour between Australia and India.

Centurion University, true to its mission of providing relevant and quality education with a practical focus, received global recognition through Ms Ainsworth’s commendation. The Consul General’s acknowledgement adds a prestigious dimension to the university’s ongoing efforts, emphasising the importance of its role in preparing students for the global workforce.

Ms Ainsworth’s background and expertise in diplomacy, coupled with her appreciation for Centurion University’s approach, underscore the potential for meaningful collaborations in education and skill development between the two nations. The university eagerly looks forward to potential partnerships that can further enhance the exchange of knowledge and skills between Australia and India.

In her role as Consul General in Kolkata, Ms Ainsworth is positioned to support Australia’s trade, commercial, and investment interests in the eastern and north-eastern Indian states. This visit not only strengthens diplomatic ties but also opens doors for future collaborations that can positively impact the educational landscape of both nations.

The Vice-Chancellor, Odisha, Centurion University, Supriya Pattanayak, warmly welcomed Ms Rowan Ainsworth and personally guided her through the campus. As Centurion University remains steadfast in its commitment to practical and innovative education, the visit by the Australian Consul General marks a significant milestone in the institution’s journey towards global recognition and collaborative excellence. The university eagerly anticipates a future marked by fruitful partnerships and shared success in the realms of education and skill development.