SBM Bank Officials Visit Centurion University: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

SBM Bank Officials Visit Centurion University: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

SBM Bank Officials Visit Centurion University: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

In a stride towards fostering collaboration and exploring innovative educational models, Centurion University of Technology & Management recently hosted a senior team of officials from SBM Bank Limited. The visit, scheduled on the 13th and 14th of March 2024, aimed to facilitate dialogue and exchanges between the academic and corporate realms, paving the way for mutual growth and advancement.

Led by Ms. Shakilla Jhungeer, Independent Director of SBM Holdings Limited, the delegation included esteemed personalities such as Mr. Nuvin Balloo, Group Chief Strategy Officer, and Mr. Nadim Imrit, Group Chief Sustainability Officer, among others. Their presence underscored SBM Bank’s commitment to exploring innovative partnerships and initiatives.

The itinerary for the visit was meticulously crafted to offer insights into Centurion University’s unique educational ecosystem, characterized by its emphasis on practical learning, skill development, and community engagement.

Upon their arrival at the Jatni campus, the SBM officials were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The tour commenced with a visit to the Pollinators Paradise, where the delegation was introduced to Centurion’s integrated model of teaching, training, and production. The journey continued through various action learning labs, each showcasing the university’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and sustainability.

One of the highlights of the visit was the Apparel & Textiles Center of Excellence, where differently-abled skill trainees demonstrated their proficiency and determination. The delegation also had the opportunity to explore automotive, mechanical, and electrical labs, witnessing firsthand the technological advancements and industry-relevant skills being imparted to students.

The visit to Startup Odisha’s Center for Innovators & Entrepreneurs was particularly inspiring, showcasing the university’s role in nurturing budding entrepreneurs and fostering innovation-driven enterprises.

The second day of the visit saw the delegation travelling to Centurion’s Gopalpur campus, where they were greeted with equal enthusiasm and hospitality. From exploring laboratories focusing on healthcare and pharmacy to witnessing community development initiatives within the campus, the SBM officials gained a comprehensive understanding of Centurion’s multi-disciplinary approach to education and social impact.

Throughout the visit, the SBM officials engaged in meaningful discussions with Centurion University’s faculty, administrators, and students, exploring potential areas of collaboration and partnership. The exchange of ideas and perspectives was not only enriching but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations aimed at driving innovation and societal change.

The visit culminated with a sense of mutual admiration and respect between Centurion University and SBM Bank Limited. As the delegation bid farewell, it left behind a sense of optimism and possibility, reaffirming the belief that partnerships between academia and industry hold the key to addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

In retrospect, the visit of the SBM Bank officials served as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in higher education. It reinforced Centurion University’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional learning paradigms and creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for generations to come.