Compassionate Success: Palliative Care Workshop at Centurion University

Compassionate Success: Palliative Care Workshop at Centurion University

In a heartening display of empathy and knowledge-sharing, the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust and Centurion University joined hands to present a workshop on “Community-Based Palliative Care Service.” Held on the 22nd of August, 2023, at Centurion University’s Gopalpur Campus, the event emerged as a remarkable platform for exploring the nuances of palliative care, its significance, and the collective responsibility it entails.

A Nexus of Compassionate Hearts

The workshop’s significance was evident in the diverse range of speakers who lent their expertise to the program. Dr Mami Parija, an accomplished professional with a background in Anesthesiology from Apollo Hospital and an active member of the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust, shared her valuable insights. “Drawing from my MD in Anesthesiology at Apollo Hospital and my affiliation with the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust, I was eager to contribute to this workshop. Sharing insights on community-based palliative care allowed me to highlight the essential role it plays in enhancing patients’ quality of life,” she Dr Parija.

Alongside her, Ms Namrata Rath, a representative of the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust, added depth to the discussions. “With a strong connection to the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust, I was delighted to join this event. Through discussions, I emphasized how our trust’s endeavours translate into compassionate care practices, positively impacting individuals and families facing challenging health situations,” quoted Dr Rath.

Academic and Administrative Voices

The event witnessed the active participation of respected individuals from the academic and administrative realms.

Dr Sangram Keshari Swain, the Dean of Examination and Dean of Student Welfare at Centurion University, Bhubaneswar, graced the occasion and contributed his perspectives on the topic. Dr Nityananda Sahoo, the Principal of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Centurion University, Balasore, and Mr Suklanshu Sekhar Das, the Principal of the School of Vocational Education and Training (SoVET) at Centurion University, Balasore, also enriched the event with their valuable inputs.

Palliative Care Club: A Beacon of Hope

The resounding success of the workshop was most evident in the enthusiastic participation of more than 200 students hailing from various departments. Their eagerness to engage with the subject matter showcased a genuine interest in fostering palliative care awareness and service within the community. In a stride towards making a lasting impact, Dr Swain, with his vision for a compassionate future, initiated the establishment of a Palliative Care Club under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Balasore campus. This commendable initiative not only strengthens the university’s commitment to social welfare but also provides a platform for students to actively contribute to the well-being of their community.

Champions of Compassion

The initiation of the Palliative Care Club witnessed a heartwarming response from students who eagerly embraced the opportunity to serve. The club welcomed 20 students as its inaugural members, underlining their dedication to making a meaningful difference.

In Retrospect

The “Community Based Palliative Care Service” workshop illuminated the importance of empathy and service in the field of healthcare. By fostering awareness and nurturing a commitment to palliative care within the academic community, the event serves as a stepping stone towards a more compassionate society.

In the spirit of nurturing hearts and minds, Centurion University and the Amrit Dhara Palliative Care Trust crafted an event that not only disseminated knowledge but also kindled the flames of service and compassion. As the sun set on August 22, 2023, the echoes of the workshop continue to reverberate, inspiring a cohort of compassionate champions poised to make a meaningful impact on the world around them.