Prioritising Purchase of Products from Local, Sustainable Sources

Centurion University of Technology and Management places a high priority on sourcing food from local and sustainable suppliers. This deliberate choice exemplifies the university’s dedication to cultivating a dining experience that is both environmentally sustainable and socially aware, catering to the needs of its student body, faculty, and guests. The following are the benefits of local sourcing.

Sourcing food locally benefits nearby communities. Centurion University collaborates with local farmers and suppliers, boosting local economies, creating jobs, and advancing towns.

Sourcing food locally supports the university’s eco-friendly goals by reducing carbon emissions related to food transportation, thus promoting a more sustainable dining program and mitigating the university’s climate impact.

Centurion University deepens community bonds through sustainable collaboration with local food producers, fostering unity and a better future.

Brief List of Few Local Suppliers and Products Sourced 

Name of vendor product located:

  1. Esse Naturals and Nutrition, Paralekhmundi  

Own Source

  1. Dragon Fruit 

Kadaknath Egg