The School of Fisheries was established in 2017. It constantly engages with the local community capacity-building workshops for spreading awareness on best aquacultural practices. The school`s Aquaculture Research Farm is located at Totagumuda around 4.0 km from the Paralekhmundi campus. The farm is spread over 12 acres. The land initially was barren and degraded and through interventions, it has now 05 nursery ponds, 11 rearing ponds, 03 stocking ponds, and 03 broodstock ponds. Along with fish-rearing systems, the farm also consists of a vermicompost unit, poultry unit, and a Circular Hatchery. All these systems are managed by students and used for studying production and building up their capacity along with the local community.  All the government training programs like programs of District Administration, Tehsil, and village panchayat are conducted on this farm.


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