JITM Alumna’s Electrifying Visit to Centurion University’s Bhubaneswar Campus

JITM Alumna’s Electrifying Visit to Centurion University’s Bhubaneswar Campus

On the 7th of July 2023, the atmosphere at Centurion University’s Bhubaneswar campus was charged with excitement as they welcomed their esteemed alumna, Purabee Purnasha Mishra, the CEO of IIT Bhubaneswar Research Park. The experience of her visit was truly electric, as students actively participated and engaged with her in discussions on sustainability. The day was filled with inspiring moments and meaningful interactions that left a lasting impact on all who attended.

A Pledge for a Sustainable Life

During her visit, Purabee encouraged the students to take an active role in promoting sustainability by signing a pledge facilitated by MeriLiFE. The pledge symbolized their commitment to embracing sustainable practices and making conscious choices for a better future. The students eagerly participated, demonstrating their dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment.

As an alumna of Centurion University, Purabee shared her own experiences and how her time at the institution shaped her journey in a sustainable fashion. She showed a genuine interest in understanding the students’ areas of interest and their future perspectives in relation to sustainability. The students actively participated in the conversation, sharing their aspirations and ideas for creating a more sustainable world.

“Centurion University has played a pivotal role in my journey, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the field of sustainable fashion. I am delighted to see the university continuing to inspire and nurture passionate individuals who are committed to sustainability,” expressed Purabee.

Guided Campus Tour and Reflections

Following the engaging discussions, Purabee embarked on a campus tour accompanied by Bishnu Pal, the Alumni Coordinator; Sanjeev Mishra, Sr. General Manager (Projects); and Afreen Firdaus, the Communications Specialist. As she explored the campus, Purabee was astounded by the sustainable growth and development since her time as a student. The integration of sustainable practices in various aspects of campus life left her feeling impressed and gratified.

“The campus tour has been a wonderful experience. I am amazed at how Centurion University has flourished sustainably since my time here. It fills my heart with joy to witness the dedication and progress towards a sustainable future,” shared Purabee.

During her visit, Purabee had the honour of meeting Prof. Supriya Pattanayak, the Vice-Chancellor, and Dr Biswajit Mishra, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Centurion University. They congratulated her on her remarkable achievements and recognized the impact she has made in the field of sustainable fashion. Prof Mukti Kanta Mishra, President of Centurion University, also took the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Purabee, reflecting on the past, present, and future of the institution.

A Successful Visit Filled with Inspiration

Her visit left a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of interacting with her. The engaging interview conducted by Afreen Firdaus showcased the depth of Purabee’s knowledge and her passion for sustainability. Her insights and accomplishments served as an inspiration to the students, igniting their own aspirations for a more sustainable future.

The visit reaffirmed the university’s commitment to nurturing individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute to society in meaningful ways. Purabee’s journey from being a student at Centurion University to becoming a trailblazer in sustainable fashion stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and passion.

“Centurion University has played a significant role in shaping my career, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences and inspire the next generation of sustainability champions,” expressed Purabee.

As Purabee bid farewell to the campus, she left behind a trail of inspiration and a renewed commitment to sustainability. Her visit served as a reminder that each individual has the power to make a difference and that through collective efforts, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future.