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Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

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    3 Years

About the Programme
The growing phenomenon of globalization, liberalization, and privatization has been immensely influencing Commerce Education. The Higher Education sector in India is very vast. The role of Higher Education in national development is well established. The objectives of Higher Education can be achieved only through a qualitative change in the system. The output of Commerce Education should be multidimensional and with full global competitiveness. But we have to realize that the Commerce graduate have a lack of practical knowledge. The practical oriented Commerce Education is a need of the age. Commerce education is a business education. Commerce education is that area of education which develops the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the handling of Trade, Commerce and Industry. The recent commerce graduate can enhance their education and has emerged in the form of Chartered Accountant, Cost and works accountant, Company secretary and Business administrator. Commerce education is a totally different from other disciplines. Hence, it must charter new routes to service the aspirations of the nation. To meet the growing needs of the business society, there is greater demand for sound development of commerce education. The relevance of commerce education has become more imperative, this means a marked change in the way commerce and management education is perceived in India. Through teaching, research, and service, the College of Commerce is dedicated to developing tomorrow's leaders, managers, and professionals.
Course Fee
Fee Per SemesterFee Per Year
Financial AccountingCUTM16773216
Business LawCUTM16784206
Corporate AccountingCUTM16794206
Corporate LawsCUTM16804206
Human Resource ManagementCUTM16814026
Income-tax Law and PracticeCUTM16824206
Management Principles and ApplicationsCUTM16834116
Cost AccountingCUTM16844206
Business MathematicsCUTM16854206
Computer Applications in BusinessCUTM16860516
Principles of MarketingCUTM16874026
Fundamentals of Financial ManagementCUTM16884116
Auditing and Corporate GovernanceCUTM16894026
Indirect Tax Law/GSTCUTM16904206
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCUTM16922024
Proficiency in EnglishCUTM16931102
Reading to WritingCUTM16941102
Business EnvironmentCUTM16952002
GEBusiness EconomicsCUBC24304116
GEBusiness StatisticsCUBC24312204
GETally ERP 9CUBC24320224
GEIntroduction to BankingCUBC24331012
GEBanking Law & PracticeCUBC24343104
GEFinancial Market OperationCUBC24353104
Apparel Production & MarketingCUTM30290314
Line Stitching SupervisingCUTM30300314
Apparel ProductionCUTM30310314
Light Motor Vehicle DrivingCUTM30320314
Fork Lift OperationCUTM30330314
Heavy Vehicle TechnologyCUTM30340314
Two Wheeler Service TechnologyCUTM30350314
Four Wheeler Service TechnologyCUTM30360314
E-Vehicle Assembly and Service TechnologyCUTM30370314
CNC MachinistCUTM30390314
CNC Programming (CAM)CUTM30400314
Design Supervising Wooden and Modular FurnitureCUTM30410314
Introduction to Composite ManufacturingCUTM30420314
3D Modelling and PrintingCUTM30430314
Precast Concrete ManufacturingCUTM30450314
Hi-Tech SurveyingCUTM30470314
Internet of ThingsCUTM30480314
Mechatronics System DesignCUTM30490314
Plant/Drug Research using BioviaCUTM30500314
Introduction to NanotechnologyCUTM30510314
Drone PilotingCUTM30520314
Camera OperationCUTM30530314
Desktop PublishingCUTM30550314
Introduction to Blender and Unity toolsCUTM30560314
Refraction TechnologyCUTM30570314
Emergency Medical TechnicnologyCUTM30580314
Medical Lab TechnologyCUTM30590314
Operating Theatre TechnologyCUTM30600314
Radiology TechnologyCUTM30610314
Phlebotomy TechnologyCUTM30620314
First Aid ServiceCUTM30630314
General Duty Assistance ServiceCUTM30640314
X- ray TechnologyCUTM30650314
Wantrepreneur to EntrepreneurCUTM30660314
Retail SalesCUTM30670314
Gym FitnessCUTM30690314
Beauty TherapyCUTM30710314
Yoga & MeditationCUTM30720314
Solar PV InstallationCUTM30730314
Solar Lighting TechnologyCUTM30740314
Microgrid Design and ImplementationCUTM30760314
Solar Driven Equipment AssemblyCUTM30770314
Solar Thermal EngineeringCUTM30780314
Introduction to Quantum ComputingCUTM30790314
Introcution to Highperformace ComputingCUTM30800314
Organic FarmingCUTM30810314
Mushroom FarmingCUTM30820314
Hydrophonics TechnologyCUTM30830314
Poultry FarmingCUTM30840314
Dairy FarmingCUTM30850314
Vermicomposting FarmingCUTM30860314
Transformer Manufacturing, Repairing and MaintenanceCUTM30870314
CCTV InstalltionCUTM30880314
Electrical InstallationCUTM30890314
Repair and Maintainance of Home ApplianacesCUTM30900314
Refrigeration and air conditioningCUTM30910314
Super critical Co2 plant operationCUTM30920314
Seed production - PaddyCUTM30930314
Paddy Processing and marketingCUTM30940314
Business Plan PreparationCUTM30950314
Dairy Plant operationCUTM30960314
Fruit processing with dryersCUTM30970314
Composite fabrication practiceCUTM30980314
Powder coating practiceCUTM30990314
Farm appliances operation( tractor, harvester and transplanter)CUTM31000314
Sewage Treatment plant operationCUTM31010314
Solid Waste managementCUTM31020314
Bio fertilisers preparationCUTM31030314
PCB designing & fabricationCUTM31040314
Introduction to Block Chain TechnologyCUTM31050314
Introduction to NutraceuticalsCUTM31060314
Introduction to NLPCUTM31070314
Introduction to Computational BiologyCUTM31080314
Product Life Cycle Management through Gate processCUTM31090314
New material development with BioviaCUTM31100314
Spectral image processing using PythonCUTM31110314
Satellite data processingCUTM31120314
Working with Graphene and carbon fibreCUTM31130314
Adobe Tools and IllustrationsCUTM31140314
Digital PaintingCUTM31150314
Advanced GISCUTM12601214
Eligibility Criteria
Career path you can choose after the course
  • Accountant.
  • Auditor.
  • Consultant.
  • Company Secretary.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Finance Officer.
  • Sales Analyst.
  • Junior Analyst.

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