Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management), New Program

Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management), New Program

  • Program Code


  • Level

    Post Graduate

  • Duration

    2 Years

About the Programme
Course Overview The objectives of the programme are to understand the concepts and techniques of modern management and their application in making the managerial roles of students efficient and effective. Students learn to develop skills of analyzing, diagnosing and solving operational problems in the delivery of healthcare services. They are further exposed to the application of qualitative and quantitative analytical tools as applicable to the healthcare industry; to understand and appreciate methodologies of healthcare management training and develop skills with focus on strategic responsibility for training and human resources development for health care industry. A semester long internship helps to broaden the outlook and vision of students to the larger background and context of healthcare management. Duration- 2 years (Four semesters) Scope/Job Opportunity
  • Manager in the healthcare sector including hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Nutraceutical companies, etc
  • Pursue higher education (NET, PHD etc.)
  • Start their own business as an entrepreneur
Eligibility Criteria 10+2+3 (Graduation in any discipline) or its equivalent public examination conducted by any recognised Board of Education in India or abroad.
Course Fee
Fee Per Semester Fee Per Year
Basket Basket Category Credits Nature
I Foundation 18 Core
II Management Potential Development 32 Core
III Domain Courses (Health Care Management) 32 Choice
IV Summer Internship 04 Choice
V Project 20 Choice
Total Credits  106
Sl No Code Course Credit Type T+P+P*
1 CUTM1183 Quantitative Techniques 5 3+1+1
2 CUTM1184 Micro Economics 4 3+0+1
3 CUTM1186 Economic Environment of Business 4 3+0+1
4 CUTM1189 Principles of Management 2 1+0+1
5 CUTM1182 Job Readiness 3 0+0+3
Total 18
* T+P+P= Theory + Practice + Project
Sl No Code Course Credit Type (T+P+P)
1 CUTM1199 Accounting for Managers 4 3+0+1
2 CUTM1200 Marketing Management 4 3+0+1
3 CUTM1201 Organizational Behaviour and Structure 4 3+0+1
4 CUTM1202 Talent Acquisition and Development 4 2+0+2
5 CUTM1203 Marketing Research 4 2+0+2
6 CUTM1204 Corporate Finance 4 3+0+1
7 CUTM1205 Production & Operations Management 3 2+1+0
8 CUTM1013 Project Management 3 2+0+1
9 CUTM1208 Supply Chain Management 2 1+0+1
Total 32
Sl No Code Course Credit Type (T+P+P)
1 Hospital Administration/ Hospital Operations Management 4 3+0+1
2 Management Information Systems for Hospital/ Hospital Information System 2 1+0+1
3 Management of Out-Patient Department 4 3+0+1
4 Risk and Disaster Management 4 3+0+1
5 Management of Quality 2 1+0+1
6 Legal and Ethical Issues for Hospitals 4 3+0+1
7 Health Insurance 2 1+0+1
8 Project Management in Health Care 4 3+0+1
9 Marketing of Hospital Services 4 2+0+2
10 Clinical, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services 4 2+0+2
11 Patient Care and Behaviour 4 3+0+1
12 Health Policy and Health Care Management
13 Planning of Hospital and Core Services
14 Healthcare Environment & Management
15 Hospital Architecture, Planning and Maintenance
17 Purchase Management & Hospital Inventory Control
18 Hospital Facilities Management
19 Health Economics
Eligibility Criteria
Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Selection Process The selection processes is through central counselling on the basis of merit in qualifying CUEE.
Career path you can choose after the course
After completion of this programme, students can join as a manager in healthcare sector including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nutraceutical companies etc.; or pursue higher education (NET, PhD etc.); or start own business as an entrepreneur.

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