Dear All, This is an acknowledgement note for successful completion of Gajajyoti 2k14.

Hats off to the incessant and remarkable efforts of the Team Gajajyoti, support from student coordinators, volunteers and disciplinary committee members for the successfully organizing all inter college, intra college and intra university scheduled under the third annual techno-mgt-cultural-sports fest Gajajyoti2k14 including the cultural night on 24th-26th Feb 2014.

Special thanks to the all the staff members especially Prof. Sambeet Patra & Mr. V Mothilal for sports, Prof. Abhinas Gaya, Prof. Arun Monohar G., Prof. Binod Padhi, Prof. Pratap Dakua Prof. Rajeshree Nayak for cultural events, Dr. Sushant Pattnaik and Prof. Sudarshan Rao for invitation, Dr. S.P Nanda and team for certificate, Prof. Manoj Kar and team for technical events, Dr. Prajna Pani, Prof. Amir Behera, & Prof. Dilip Tripathy for literary events, Prof. Rashmi Ranjan Kar for web support and sponsorship, Prof. Kalyan Chakraverty for maintaining discipline, Prof. Durga Padhi for all logistical support, Mr.Tapas Bhuyan for Sponsorship, Prof. Umakant Nayak for overall coordination, and Mr. Dipti Prasad Das for overall coordination and documentation. I am also thankful to all the HODs and other faculty members for their direct and indirect support at the time of need.

My sincere thanks are due to Sri. Bala Pattnaik, Advisor, Dr. Anita Patrs Dean SOET and other Deans for their moral Support.

I would like to express my gratitude to our honorable Vice Chancellor, and Registrar for their support and guidance.

I express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Mukti Mishra, President and Prof. D.N Rao, Vice President of the university for their strong faith and for the encouragements to the team to conduct this event.

Lastly I like to thank all my students for their discipline during the events.

Once again thanks to all.


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