Dairy Farming – A Career to Contribute to Indian Revenue

Amul is a prominentname in Corporate Diary Sector of India. Do you remember that TV commercial of Amul? – Amul doodh pita hai India…It is a very popular commercial. The company is globally recognized for producing top quality milk and other related products. This company, in fact, inspires many individuals to pursue a career in dairy farming. India is amongst the leading milk producers across the globe and so, Dairy Farming plays a significant role in its Economy.

Who are Qualified for Dairy Farming Career?

Many people,these days, are willing to pursue a career in Dairy Farming. But who are eligible for opting for this industry? There are certain requisites that individual must comply to, in order to get admission to this course. Those who wish to study abroad must have an attractive profile. The qualifications required for a person to study in abroad universities are –

  • Must undergo formal schooling of 10+2 with BiPC and MPC subjects.
  • Must be proficient in English Language and should qualify competitive examinations like TOEFL, IELTS and so on.
  • Having SOP or Statement of Purpose and LORs or Letters of Recommendation can be beneficial.

On the contrary, for the same program in India, one should have formal schooling of 10+2 with BiPC subjects or MPC subjects with minimum of 55% marks. If anyone is willing to pursue master’s degree in Dairy Farming then he is required to have bachelor’s degree in Dairy Technology or similar other degrees with 1 or 2 years work experience in this field.

Courses Offered in Dairy Farming

In our country, Dairy Farming offers various master’s and bachelor’s courses. Aspirants willing to enter undergraduate level of this field, should select from a range of BE, BTech and BSc degree course. They provide a firm foundation for Dairy Farming study. Afterwards, a post-graduate course furnishes the knowledge further making an individual expert in the field. Aspirants in post-graduate level learn the intricacies of the field that might arise in their job. Both in abroad and in our country, one can find a unique blend in Dairy Farming courses.

Career Prospects of Dairy Farming

As you all know, India is the epicenter of Agribusiness. Hence, there is numerous job openings for trained professionals in this country. Here are some work profiles offering job options for aspirants having completed Dairy Farming course –

Employment Sectors                     –                             Job Profiles

  • Milk Product Processing Plants Production Executive, Dairy Extension Officer
  • Dairy Boards Professors
  • Milk Unions Dairy Pharmacist
  • Dairy Equipment Manufactures Dairy Consultants
  • Quality Control Dept Dairy Engineers
  • Dairy Farms Dairy Technologies and Dairy Scientist
  • R & D Agencies Dairy Researchers

Responsibilities and Duties of Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers have to shoulder a number of responsibilities –

  • Administer, medicate and feed cows and other cattle.
  • Properly maintain essential equipment for milking and farming.
  • Operate milk equipment to milk cows.
  • Look after the health management of the cattle and optimize veterinary treatment and vaccination.

Therefore, it is seen that Dairy Farming has now become a renowned course of study.

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