How to Begin Career as a Media Professional?

Media is undoubtedly a glamorous and lucrative career. There are many perks associated with a career in media. You can get the chance to visit new places, come across new people, increase your experiences and make name and money along the way. You can build a solid network. Above all, you can impress the world with your creative side. If you wish to make a successful career in media, these tips can prove to be useful in making the right start.

Be present at media events

When you attend various media events, you can get more experience and knowledge about the industry. You can also get the chance to talk to various media experts, and learn a lot from them.

Enroll for a course in media science

A media science program can be a great way to develop creativity and nurture the same. When you pursue this domain of education, you can get trained about the various aspects of media – such as electronic media, filmmaking, communications, public relations, advertising and more. Look for media schools that offer graduate and post-graduate courses in media science, and help students make a rewarding career in the field of media journalism.

Have an active presence on social media channels

LinkedIn, Twitter and other famous social media websites offer a fantastic chance to build networks and connect with experts. You can interact with media experts and learn from them. Some of them might also be open to hiring you. Hiring managers often see how active potential candidates are on their social media profiles, and base their recruitment decision on the same.

Post blog posts or videos

Create a blog or vlog of your own, and make appropriate blog posts or share videos that show your creative side. The more you do that, the more your creative abilities would be sharpened. These can also update the world about your creative skills.

Work as an intern

When you work in a reputed media organization as an intern, you can boost your creative skills. Few things can be better than having practical experience in the media industry, and an internship can provide you with just that. Most hiring managers also focus on candidate’s experience level, and an internship is just what you need to show recruiters that you have got some hands-on training.

Be a ‘go-to’ professional

Try to be proactive, develop your own style and do things in a unique and interesting way. When you exhibit initiatives, you will get more noticed for your approach.

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