Why are People Opting for integrated BTech MTech Courses in the Current Times?

Students these days are extremely ambitious to make a mark for themselves in terms of career and life. This is when an integrated BTech Mtech course provides them better opportunities and advantages over only a BTech course in the field of engineering. While BTech is a course of 4 years and offers a bachelor’s degree, students seek professional growth by opting for an integrated course in the same specialization to make it a 5-years course which offers them two degrees in one go. This is the very reason why students opt for such courses that will help them enhance their skills and get a better future opportunities in their respective careers.

Let us now evaluate the different advantages of opting for an integrated BTech Mtech course that will provide you with a complete understanding of why you should opt for the same.

  • While BTech is extremely suitable for students seeking a quick job in the concerned industry, it is not much appreciated by employers in modern times. And, pursuing BTech will only provide them with assistance level jobs at a very basic salary. This is happening due to the surge in competition and number of pass outs of the same streams every year from the different universities in the country.
  • Those students who want to gain specialization in any particular segment of engineering choose the integrated BTech Mtech courses which will provide them with an opportunity of teaching and research at the same time. In fact, an integrated course holder will also find himself getting better job opportunities and preferences over the others in the concerned industry. Also, you can only be eligible to opt for doctoral research courses after you complete Mtech in the relevant department. When it comes to getting better jobs and higher posts, you will be having an edge over the others with a dual degree.
  • While a BTech course takes 4 years, an integrated BTech Mtech degree course takes only 5 years. If you have planned to opt for BTech and Mtech separately, you will actually have to spend 6 years for the same in either the same or different institutes. So opting for an integrated course is beneficial considering both time and cost.

Most of the admissions available in the BTech and Mtech integrated courses have been usually popularized in the current days. Universities such as Centurion have been at par in providing such courses, and the number of students seeking admission here has been increasing every single day.

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