What are Your Career Options after a Degree Course in Cyber Security Engineering?

Global business models have undergone a paradigm shift over the past ten years. Today, a growing number of companies are moving their operations online, with a strong emphasis on cloud data storage. Due to this demand, cyber security must now receive greater attention. Businesses across a range of industries are currently looking for qualified and trained cyber security specialists to strengthen their online presence and protect their interests and data. One of the most adaptable programs in this area for an industry-synced education is a B.Tech in Cyber Security. Know about some of the top career options in cyber security after a degree course in cyber security engineering:

Cyber Security Manager

Managers of cyber security are tasked with creating and overseeing systems that uphold data management and security protocols to safeguard a company’s online activities. These experts must conduct in-depth research, stay current on the most recent cyber threats, and respond appropriately and quickly to them. Their knowledge and abilities will determine their pay and potential career paths in the field. At the beginning of their careers, well-trained and qualified professionals can earn up to INR 12 lakhs per year.

Security Architect

A security network system that shields a company from online threats must be designed by a security architect. In addition to suggesting system innovations based on fresh and more sophisticated threats, they must update and maintain the current network systems. Some of the top universities for computer engineering programs train students with the necessary skills and knowledge, to start earning INR 17 lakhs per year early in their careers.

Network Security Engineer

Maintaining security systems, spotting weak points in the network, and incorporating automation into the security system are all responsibilities of a network security engineer. They must also make sure that the company’s VPNs, monitoring software, and firewalls are kept up to date. At the beginning of their careers, professionals recruited as network security engineers can expect to make up to INR 4 lakhs annually. Some of the top universities for cyber security provide students with cutting-edge training to increase their employability.

Chief Information Security Officer

They are being hired by more and more companies to combat cyber security threats. Their primary duty is to develop a cyber security strategy that, using current technology, can be in line with a company’s vision and operations. They are expected to recognize threats, create tools to counter them, and review and create new cyber security policies for businesses. Depending on their level of expertise and experience, these professionals can expect to make an average salary in millions of rupees.

Cyber Security Analyst

Planning and implementing security measures to counter cyber security threats is the responsibility of a cyber security analyst. Aside from that, they carry out internal and external audits to look for potential network security threats. They are in charge of network management, risk analysis, security evaluation and other tasks.


Today, there are many options for studying cyber security. Such training can increase your attractiveness as a candidate for employment, leading to offers from prestigious companies across industries. Therefore, you should conduct your research and pick the best path to a career in cyber security.

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