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Women's Access Schemes

Scholarship for Women

The “Chandrika Scholarship” is presented by Centurion University of Technology and Management– an initiative dedicated to empowering and supporting female students in fields where they are underrepresented. This scholarship is a commitment to breaking gender barriers and promoting diversity in traditionally male-dominated disciplines.

The limitless potential of all students, regardless of their gender, is believed in us, and the Chandrika Scholarship is our way of offering both financial assistance and encouragement to women pursuing their academic dreams. It’s not just a scholarship; it’s a message that celebrates women’s contributions to education and beyond.

In the past five years, disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering and Mining Engineering had zero female students. The introduction of this scholarship has resulted in the enrollment of one female student in Mining Engineering and two female students in Mechanical Engineering.

Other Facilities 

Our institution offers various facilities to support female students’ well-being. These include dedicated common rooms for relaxation and socializing, a free daycare center (Creche) for student mothers, sanitary pad vending machines for easy access to menstrual hygiene products, and a pad incinerator for safe and eco-friendly disposal of used sanitary pads. These amenities contribute to a more comfortable and inclusive environment for our female students.





















Common Rooms