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Collaborations with Local and Global Health Institutions to Improve Health and Wellbeing Outcomes

Centurion University has established partnerships with numerous local and international health institutions in order to enhance health and well-being outcomes. These partnerships facilitate the utilization of the university’s resources, expertise, and research capabilities in order to tackle health challenges more efficiently. Partnerships established between academic institutions and healthcare organizations facilitate a shared commitment towards enhancing health and well-being outcomes within the community. These collaborations have also demonstrated the capacity to stimulate innovation, research, and the creation of sustainable healthcare solutions.

The establishment of local partnerships by the University plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare service provision, as well as promoting the implementation of Telemedicine and eHealth programs. These collaborative efforts have demonstrated their effectiveness in enhancing the outreach activities related to Community Health for both organizations involved in the partnership. Centurion University, in partnership with international and nationally recognized organizations, has successfully tackled numerous community challenges. The partnership with Essilor has enabled the implementation of extensive eye screening and lens dispensing in underserved communities. The project has benefitted more than 4000 patients in receiving free prescription eyeglasses. The partnership between LTIMindtree and NMDC has significantly contributed to the training of the healthcare workforce. The university also engages in collaborative efforts to establish joint research initiatives aimed at addressing health-related concerns.