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Contribution to Policy Making at All Levels to Combat Multidimensional Poverty.

At the Local, Regional, and National Levels

Centurion University, through its incubated units like Gram Tarang Employability Training Services (GTET), focuses on empowering individuals facing economic hardships since 2009. GTET is the National Skill Development Corporation’s largest training partner, an entity under the Government of India. Additionally, it maintains close collaboration with various State Governments, actively engaging in the implementation and shaping of policies for several government schemes.This approach, transitioning from school dropout to skill acquisition, meaningful employment, and financial stability, has proven effective for young individuals in rural India. Mr Abhinav Madan, Managing Director of GTET and Gram Tarang Vocational Education & Training, brings expertise in skill development to drive these initiatives.

In partnership with Centurion University, Gram Tarang Vocational Education and Training, another social entrepreneurial outreach of the University, addresses the “Learn and Earn” gap in India. It offers a transformative Flexi-ITI program in collaboration with the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Government of India, enabling factory workers to access integrated vocational training similar to the German TVET model. By 2023, over 10,000 trainees have benefited from this initiative, bridging the gap between work and education, providing hope, and fostering economic empowerment.

Financial inclusion is another vital aspect of Centurion University’s social mission, executed through Gram Tarang Inclusive Development Services Pvt Ltd (GTIDS), a social entrepreneurial outreach. GTIDS collaborates with 16 Public Sector Banks across 15 Indian states, achieving remarkable results such as 17 million basic accounts, Rupees 2 billion in Fixed Deposits, savings of Rupees 20 billion, and recovery of over Rupees 4 billion from non-performing assets. Under the Mudra Scheme of the Government of India, GTIDS allocated over Rupees 4 billion in Microfinance loans to more than 160,000 recipients. To support the career development of its agents, GTIDS partnered with Centurion University to introduce a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program specializing in Finance and Financial Inclusion, facilitating industry-integrated education.

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