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Graduation Completion Targets for Students

Centurion University ensures graduation completion targets for students through a combination of financial, academic, and support initiatives. Here are specific strategies for Indian universities:

  1. Financial Assistance:
    • Need-Based Scholarships: Offers scholarships specifically tailored to low-income students, covering tuition, fees, and living expenses. In the year 2022, a total of 3678 students benefited from scholarships out of 7020 students. 

2. Tuition Fee Flexibility:

    • Deferred Payment Plans: Allow students to pay tuition fees in installments to ease the financial burden. During the time of COVID, the University had deferred the payment by a year. Currently, the University allows all of its students to pay the tuition fee in two installments.

3. Academic Support:

    • Remedial Classes: The Deans of the school keep track of slow learners and offer remedial classes as additional support in specific subjects.

4. Mentorship and Counseling:

    • Mentorship Programs: The University has a dedicated mentorship program in place where faculty members guide and support students.

By implementing these strategies, Centurion University significantly improves the graduation rates for students, In the year 2022, the overall pass percentage of students is 80. The measures thereby contribute to social equity and reduce educational disparities.

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