9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Centurion University is unwavering in its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG 9) – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Embracing a holistic approach that integrates Community Engagement, Academics, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Social Impact (CARES), the university strives to contribute to building a sustainable future.

Community Engagement:
Centurion University actively fuels the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and faculty, fostering the creation and growth of small-scale start-ups on campus. By providing both support and financial aid, the university nurtures innovation, guiding ideas to evolve into impactful ventures. This approach aligns with SDG 9’s focus on fostering inclusive and sustainable industrialization, contributing to a dynamic and resilient economy.

Committed to sustainability, Centurion University extends its efforts beyond traditional classrooms to make a tangible impact on campus and in the broader market. Innovative solutions, such as using recycled materials for construction, set new standards for environmental responsibility. The production of eco-friendly pavers from discarded plastic stands as a noteworthy example, showcasing the university’s dedication to practical sustainability initiatives and aligning with SDG 9’s goals of promoting sustainable infrastructure.

Centurion University’s Waste-to-Wealth lab serves as a hub for constant research and innovation, with a focus on turning waste into valuable products. The university’s dedicated team has produced 73 research papers until 2022, exploring groundbreaking solutions to upcycle and recycle waste. From transforming food waste into nutrient-rich soil to repurposing plastic into durable pavers, Centurion University is at the forefront of sustainable research, contributing to the objectives of SDG 9.

Beyond being an academic institution, Centurion University serves as a stepping stone for budding entrepreneurs. Production units within each school transform into mini-industries, fulfilling internal requirements and contributing to the broader market. This approach promotes economic growth and sustainability, aligning with SDG 9’s emphasis on fostering innovation and building resilient infrastructure.

Social Impact:
Centurion University recognizes the significance of crafting solutions that address global challenges. Through initiatives in solar energy, water recycling, and other sustainability efforts, the university actively contributes to shaping a brighter future for generations to come. This holistic approach embodies the spirit of SDG 9, aiming to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and foster innovation for a sustainable world.

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