3. Good Health and Wellbeing

The primary objective of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) is to ensure the attainment of good health and well-being for individuals of all ages. The key component is to attain optimal health for individuals globally. Centurion University of Technology and Management embraces diverse array of targets and indicators designed to enhance these facets of health dynamics.

Community Engagements: The overarching goal of the University is to prioritize the attainment of optimal health and the advancement of overall well-being. The active involvement with communities is imperative in effectively tackling health challenges and in ensuring that healthcare interventions are customized to suit the distinct requirements of the local populations. The University has undertaken efforts towards organizing community health programs and addressing health issues in underserved regions, facilitating nutritional enrichment in adopted villages.

Academics: The university offers clinical and diagnostic services to community members at no cost or at low cost through its officially registered Community Diagnostic Center (Reg.no. 38/ 2019/ Khordha). It provides students with the chance to acquire hands-on experience while simultaneously contributing to the welfare of the community. It also organizes seminars, workshops to educate community about disease prevention, vaccination, healthy lifestyle choices. Training and Capacity building programs such as Nurturing and Sustainable agricultural training are also imparted as a part of the Academic curriculum.

Research: The University engages in research pertaining to health-related matters that impact the immediate vicinity, contributing to an enhanced comprehension of local health challenges. Its engagement in collaborative research endeavours plays a pivotal role in effectively tackling targeted health concerns within the community, which allows for the development of practical and implementable solutions. The university has published 111 research papers by 2022, focusing on the key aspects of SDG 3.

Entrepreneurship: Centurion University fosters the cultivation of healthcare innovation by providing assistance to students and faculty in the development of entrepreneurial remedies for health-related predicaments. It offers resources to students in order to set up diagnostic chain facilities in rural communities, in collaboration with its School of Paramedics and Allied Health Sciences (SoPAHS).

Social Impact: Centurion University plays a pivotal role in promoting social impact by actively engaging in outreach initiatives that are aligned with SDG 3. The organization engages in the implementation of health awareness campaigns in partnership with local communities. These initiatives provide individuals with the ability to make well-informed decisions regarding their health. The health camps organized by the University also contributes significantly towards improved health outcomes.

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