2. Zero Hunger

Centurion University is unwavering in its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 2, which strives to end hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition, and support sustainable agriculture. Through a myriad of programs and initiatives, the University actively contributes to the realization of these crucial objectives.

Community Engagements:
The University places a strong emphasis on fostering connections with local farmers and food producers through a range of programs, including workshops, seminars, and on-site initiatives aimed at enhancing people’s skills. These collaborative activities facilitate open communication and knowledge-sharing, forging a robust partnership between the academic school and local food and farming communities. This collaborative effort not only benefits the academic institution but also contributes to the mutual growth and development of both sides.

Within the School of Agriculture and Fisheries, Centurion University empowers students by imparting knowledge about sustainable farming methods and cutting-edge technologies such as Drone Farming and Zero Tillage Farming. By integrating practical and innovative approaches into the academic curriculum, the University ensures that graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to contribute to sustainable agriculture practices and address the challenges outlined in SDG 2.

With state-of-the-art facilities, Centurion University generously shares its resources with nearby farms and food producers, facilitating collaborative research in the agricultural field. The University has published 55 research papers until 2022, addressing key aspects of SDG 2. This research not only advances academic knowledge but also serves as a valuable resource for the agricultural community seeking sustainable solutions.

Encouraging a scientific mindset among students and staff, Centurion University has seen the inception of 49 startups, with one dedicated to raising decorative fishes. This entrepreneurial focus equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to explore innovative ideas and ventures that contribute to the broader goals of achieving food security and sustainable agriculture.

Social Impact:
Centurion University’s commitment extends to the adoption and collaborative work with five villages in the surrounding area. The primary objective is to empower local farmers with knowledge about and proficiency in adopting sustainable farming methods. This initiative aims to bring about long-term improvements in the farming landscape within these communities, aligning with the overarching goal of SDG 2 – Zero Hunger.