2. Zero Hunger

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 aims to end hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition, and support sustainable agriculture. Centurion University of Technology and Management is committed to this goal through a number of different programs and acts.

Community Engagements: The University works hard to build connections with local farmers and food producers through a variety of programs, such as workshops, seminars, and on-site programs that focus on building people’s skills. These activities make it easy for people to talk to each other and share their knowledge, which helps the academic school and the local food and farming communities form a strong partnership that benefits both sides.

Academics: The program at the university, especially in the School of Agriculture and Fisheries, gives students power by teaching them about sustainable farming methods and cutting-edge technologies like Drone Farming and Zero Tillage Farming.

Research: The university has state-of-the-art facilities that it generously shares with nearby farms and food producers in the agricultural field. The university also put out 55 research papers until 2022 that were about the main points of SDG 2.

Entrepreneurship: Students and staff at the University are taught to have a scientific mindset that encourages new ideas and business ventures. The University has 49 start-ups out of which 1 start-up is in the area of raising decorative fish.

Social Impact: Centurion University has made an effort to adopt and work with five villages in the area. The main goal of this involvement is to help local farmers learn more about and be better at adopting and using sustainable farming methods. This will help improve the farming landscape in these communities in the long term.