1. No Poverty

Centurion University stands resolute in its dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 1, which strives for the eradication of poverty in all its manifestations. Our institution, through a multitude of initiatives, educational endeavours, and community partnerships, endeavours to empower individuals and communities, especially those facing economic challenges, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for socioeconomic upliftment and contributing to the global drive to eliminate poverty.

Community Engagements:
Centurion University’s steadfast commitment to community engagement is exemplified by its active collaboration with local communities to confront poverty-related issues. This involves the provision of educational and skill-enhancement opportunities, backing income-generating programs, and involving students and faculty in projects dedicated to poverty alleviation. By fostering economic and social empowerment, the University seeks to make a meaningful contribution to the overarching objective of poverty reduction.

Through our academic initiatives, Centurion University endeavours to imbue students with the knowledge and skills essential for addressing the challenges posed by poverty. Our programs and research activities are meticulously designed to contribute to the global goal of eradicating poverty by empowering individuals with the tools needed to make a positive impact.

With state-of-the-art research facilities, Centurion University has published 91 research papers until 2022, primarily focused on the key tenets of SDG 1. This research not only advances academic knowledge but also serves as a beacon guiding practical interventions and policies for poverty eradication.

Encouraging a scientific mindset that fosters innovation, Centurion University proudly boasts 49 startups incubated as of 2023. This entrepreneurial focus equips students and staff with the acumen to explore new ideas and embark on business ventures, thereby contributing to economic growth and, consequently, poverty reduction.

Social Impact:
In a dedicated effort, Centurion University has adopted and collaboratively worked with five villages in the surrounding area. The primary objective is to educate local farmers on sustainable farming methods, thereby improving the long-term farming landscape and, in turn, alleviating poverty within these communities. This holistic approach underscores our commitment to creating a lasting social impact in the fight against poverty.

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