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Advanced Material Testing and Calibration

Testing is an important area for accessing suitability of any material for further use in a product life cycle of any component. AMTCL is equipped with all modern testing facility to substantiate the suitability of a material for its end use.

Unique Features

ISO certified test procedures

Aim and objectives of the action learning lab

This laboratory has advanced testing and characterization equipment to facilitate research work in the area of Material Sciences. It caters consultancy for material testing projects for client bases like mining sector company IMPHA and local client bases. The aim of this facility is to

impart hands on learning to students on both destructive and non-destructive testing techniques.

Learning through involvement

The students gain hands-on learning by getting involved in the testing and characterization procedure. The pedagogy is linked to the Material Testing Process as Skills for Success, Domains and other specialized courses. They gain knowledge and hands on experience on the following:

  1. Safety procedures
  2. Basics of ISO 17025 standard
  3. Precision metrological instruments
  4. Tensile testing using different ASTM standards
  5. 3-point bending using different ASTM standards
  6. 4-point bending using different ASTM standards
  7. Hardness testing using A, B and C scale
  8. Material composition of solids and fluids
  9. Check profile of gear and screw thread
  10. Comparison of profile of gears, threads and others
  11. Calculation of heat produced
  12. Measure screw thread and gear teeth profile

The facility aims to test and characterize solids and fluids and on the same time it enables the students to hands on learning on these tool and equipment.


  1. Awareness of Personal and Equipment safety
  2. Understanding material processing for specimen and SOP.
  3. Use of proper standard and method for Testing and Calibration.
  4. Ability to diagnose fault manually
  5. Perform analysis of test and calibration
  6. Conducting test as per Standard Operating Procedure
  7. Preparation of test and calibration report

Caters to

Diploma, BTech, MTech, PhD, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Pharm, D.Pharm, Skills for success and domain courses. The lab serves as state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

Market Linkages

The students because of the rigor of the learning, will be able to choose the path of entrepreneur- ship, towards enhanced employability, which will help them excel in their job profiles like in Material Testing Engineer and others.