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Dialysis Laboratory

The University has established an action learning laboratory for Dialysis technique which allows students to gain knowledge and skills in handling patients with various genito-urinary conditions requiring dialysis unit.

Aim of the action learning laboratory

To enable students to gain basic, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Dialysis unit.



To provide students with hands-on learning and practice-based pedagogy on the following:

  1. Setting-up of a dialysis unit
  2. Acquire knowledge of the various genitourinary disorders



  1. Handling of dialysis instruments
  2. Assess pre dialysis patient and monitor the patient during the procedure
  3. Monitor patients receiving hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, or pre- or post-renal transplant in an efficient manner
  4. Understand the signs and symptoms of transplant rejection
  5. Understanding of different medications, their dosages, and the best route for administration to patients with genitourinary problems
  6. Enhancing Employability


Caters to

Sc. EMT, B. Sc. OTT, B. Sc. AT, it also provides exposure to the Skill students for hands on training. It enables students to Acquire knowledge on specific treatments such as hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplant, lithotripsy, renal artery embolism.

Market Linkages

The laboratory’s primary goal is to prepare the students to handle critical cases pertaining to

Dialysis care. It has collaborative tie-ups with NABL accredited laboratories from in and outside Odisha, which includes all Government Medical colleges of Odisha and private medical college and hospitals such as Manipal Hospitals (Bengaluru), Apollo Hospitals (Bhubaneswar), Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital (Bhubaneswar), Ashwini Group of Hospitals (Cuttack and Bhubaneswar),  Brahmanand N a r a y a n a M u l t i s p e c i a l i t y H o s p i t a l (Jamshedpur), Hitech Medical College and Hospital (Bhubaneswar and Rourkela), Kalinga Hospital (Bhubaneswar), etc.

Students will be able to choose a career with better employability, and succeed in their job profile through the training provided in this learning laboratory.