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High End Automation Action Learning Lab: FESTO

The University has established an action- learning laboratory on Pneumatics, Electro- Pneumatics and Programmable Logic Controller in partnership with OPTCL and Festo. The laboratory is equipped with different high-end pneumatic controllers, Modular Automated Production System, Programmable Logic Controllers and all required tools as per the Festo Training Standard Operating Procedures.

Aim and Objectives of the action-learning laboratory

To enable students to gain basic, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of different valves, cylinders, electrical system and PLC system.

To provide hands-on knowledge, experiential learning and practice linked pedagogy on the following:

  1. Directional and conditional control valve functions of Pneumatics
  2. Component Assembly
  3. Electro-pneumatics valve functions
  4. Functioning of the Festo plate
  5. PLC programming
  6. Electro-pneumatic fault diagnostics
  7. Modular Automated Production System


  1. Ability to diagnose fault manually in Pneumatics and PLC
  2. Ability to use different valves
  3. Ability to use different cylinders and solenoid valves
  4. Ability to write PLC program with any specified logic
  5. Ability to apply knowledge of automation to different area like home, industry 4.0 and other

Caters to

This lab caters to students of BTech, MTech, Skills for Success (SFS) and Domain Courses (All UG course including Diploma, CITS-ITOT (DGT/NCVET) and World Skills participants. The lab serves as state-of-the-art facility for research scholars: PhD and Research fellows.

The students will be able to carry out preventive, scheduled and breakdown maintenance of any automation system where PLC and Pneumatics is used. The students of World Skills are trained on their required test projects and in a real time simulated environment.

Market Linkages

Through the rigor of training in this lab the students are and will be able to choose path of entrepreneurship, enhanced employability and excel in their job profile.

Future Goal

To carry out high end automation projects for outside client bases.